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Generally Covariant Unified Field Theory
Molecular diffusion and spectra
A text/monograph on molecular dynamics, emphasizing molecular diffusion. Covers mechanics and statistics, spectra, molecular motion, and simulation techniques.
Classical and Quantum Electrodynamics and the B(3) Field
Interaction of electromagnetic radiation with one fermion the field equations of classical O(3)b electrodynamics origin of electrodynamics in the general theory of gauge fields nonlinear propagation
Water in Biology, Chemistry and Physics: Experimental Overviews and Computational Methodologies
Molecular dynamics methods statistical averages experimental description of water the theoretical description of water bulk water aqueous solutions water at interfaces water in nonequilibrium states.
A Generally Covariant Field Equation for Gravitation and Electromagnetism
AbstractA generally covariant field equation is developed for gravitation and electromagnetism by considering the metric vector qμ in curvilinear, non-Euclidean spacetime. The field equation is
Spin Connection Resonance in Gravitational General Relativity
The equations of gravitational general relativity are developed with Cartan geometry using the second Cartan structure equation and the second Bianchi identity. These two equations combined result in
The Spinning and Curving of Spacetime: The Electromagnetic and Gravitational Fields in the Evans Field Theory
The unification of the gravitational and electromagnetic fields achieved geometrically in the generally covariant unified field theory of Evans implies that electromagnetism is the spinning of
A Generally Covariant Wave Equation for Grand Unified Field Theory
A generally covariant wave equation is derived geometrically for grand unified field theory. The equation states most generally that the covariant d'Alembertian acting on the vielbein vanishes for