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Finite element analysis of optimum clearance in the blanking process
Abstract We propose a methodology to obtain optimum punch-die clearance values for a given sheet material and thickness to be blanked, using the finite-element technique. In the presentExpand
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Influence of radial and axial runouts on surface roughness in face milling with round insert cutting tools
Abstract In face milling processes, the surface quality of the machined part depends on many factors, including feed, cutting tool geometry and tool errors. In this work, a numerical model forExpand
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Modelling and experimental analysis of the effects of tool wear on form errors in stainless steel blanking
Abstract The main defects that characterize the quality and accuracy of blanked parts are the form errors which can be found on the blanked surface. These defects are basically related to tool wearExpand
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Influence of Fixtures on Dimensional Accuracy in Machining Processes
The main function of fixturing devices in machining processes consists of locating a workpiece on a work table in a machine tool. As well as having a locating function, fixtures must also ensure thatExpand
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Determination of key workpiece product characteristics in a machining fixture using uncertainty analysis and loss cost function implementation
The study of fixture related errors is playing an increasingly important role in the improvement of machined part quality. In this work, the locator variability of machining fixtures is analyzedExpand
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Content paths & issues for mobile television in today's ICT-environment
A meta-analysis on mobile TV user studies was conducted, a panel of 35 experts was surveyed and a user study with 405 respondents was conducted. Expand
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Analysis and compensation of positional and deformation errors using integrated fixturing analysis in flexible machining parts
The final precision with which workpieces are formed strongly depends on good design and correct operation of fixtures. The main errors introduced by fixtures are related to positioning, indentationExpand
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SCADA system improvement in PVC high frequency plastic welding
High frequency plastic welding (HFPW) has been used for many years in industrial and medical applications due to its ability to produce high quality plastic welding in a short time, as well as goodExpand
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A study of back cutting surface finish from tool errors and machine tool deviations during face milling
The surface finish of mechanical components produced by face milling is given by factors such as cutting conditions, workpiece material, cutting geometry, tool errors and machine tool deviations. TheExpand
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Experimental Validation of a Numerical Method that Predicts the Size of the Heat Affected Zone. Optimization of the Welding Parameters by the Taguchi’s Method
This work outlines the experimental validation of a numerical method which determines the size of the heat affected zone (HAZ) in a low carbon steel plate using the gas metal arc welding technique.Expand
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