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Dislocations in laser-doped silicon detected by micro-photoluminescence spectroscopy
We report the detection of laser-induced damage in laser-doped layers at the surface of crystalline silicon wafers, via micron-scale photoluminescence spectroscopy. The properties of the sub-band-gap
Demonstration of c-Si solar cells with gallium oxide surface passivation and laser-doped gallium p+ regions
Gallium oxide (Ga<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub>) deposited by plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition (PEALD) is shown to passivate crystalline silicon surfaces via a combination of a high negative charge
Impact of perovskite solar cell degradation on the lifetime energy yield and economic viability of perovskite/silicon tandem modules
Perovskite/silicon two-junction tandem solar cells have achieved higher power conversion efficiency than silicon cells. However, the long-term performance of tandem modules strongly depends on the
Lambertian light trapping in thin crystalline macroporous Si layers
Lambertian light trapping is a benchmark for efficient light trapping. In this Letter we experimentally quantify the degree of Lambertian light trapping in a macroporous silicon layer. The optical
Efficiency Potential of P-Type Al2O3/SiN $_{x}$ Passivated PERC Solar Cells With Locally Laser-Doped Rear Contacts
Technological restrictions on the screen-printed rear-contact feature size on the order of 100 μm are among the limiting factors of the efficiency of p-type passivated emitter rear-contact (PERC)
Impact of PV module configuration on energy yield under realistic conditions
Photovoltaic cell and module manufactures optimise their products according to power measurements performed at a set of standard-test conditions. A key parameter for the financing of a solar project
Phosphorus diffused LPCVD polysilicon passivated contacts with in-situ low pressure oxidation