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A new construct, entitled “job embeddedness,” is introduced. It includes individuals' (1) links to other people, teams, and groups, (2) perceptions of their fit with job, organization, and community,Expand
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Culture and international business: recent advances and their implications for future research
The paper provides a state-of-the-art review of several innovative advances in culture and international business (IB) to stimulate new avenues for future research. We first review the issuesExpand
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Culture, self-identity, and work
The focus of this book is the development and application of a middle-range theory of culture, self-identity and work behaviour. According to the authors' self-representative theory, three componentsExpand
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A Dynamic, Multi‐Level Model of Culture: From the Micro Level of the Individual to the Macro Level of a Global Culture
This paper proposes a multi-level model of culture, consisting of structural and dynamic characteristics that explain the interplay between various levels of culture. The paper begins with a summaryExpand
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Cross-cultural organizational behavior.
This article reviews research on cross-cultural organizational behavior (OB). After a brief review of the history of cross-cultural OB, we review research on work motivation, or the factors thatExpand
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The Determinants of Goal Commitment
The concept and measurement of commitment to goals, a key aspect of goal-setting theory, are discussed. The strength of the relationship between commitment and performance is asserted to depend onExpand
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Do personal characteristics and cultural values that promote innovation, quality, and efficiency compete or complement each other?
This study examines whether the same personal and contextual characteristics that enhance innovation could also contribute to quality and efficiency. Three hundred and forty-nine engineers andExpand
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A Dialectic Perspective on Innovation: Conflicting Demands, Multiple Pathways, and Ambidexterity
Innovation, the development and intentional introduction of new and useful ideas by individuals, teams, and organizations, lies at the heart of human adaptation. Decades of research in differentExpand
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Merrimac: Supercomputing with Streams
Merrimac uses stream architecture and advanced interconnection networks to give an order of magnitude more performance per unit cost than cluster-based scientific computers built from the sameExpand
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Creativity: The Influence of Cultural, Social, and Work Contexts
The present article aims to answer the question of whether creativity is universal or culture-specific. We develop a conceptual framework that expands the existing knowledge in two ways. First, itExpand
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