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Description of the rusts from Kemaliye (Erzincan, Turkey)
Twenty-two rust diseases caused by Melampsora euphorbiae, M. lini var. lini, Phragmidium mucronatum var. mucronatum, Ph. sanguisorbae, Gymnosporangium cornutum, G. confusum, G. tremelloides, PucciniaExpand
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The genus Septoria Sacc. in Turkey
Septoria species from 72 host plants have been identified in Turkey so far. There can be distinguished different interrelations between Septoria species and their host plants. So there areExpand
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Microfungi Species on the Weeds of Agro-ecosystem (wheat ecosystem) in Adıyaman City
This study was performed between 2009-2010 to detect the micro fungi on the weed, which create problems on wheat fields of the city Adiyaman and its dependent districts. Within the field of study, 27Expand
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Outline of Fungi and fungus-like taxa
This article provides an outline of the classification of the kingdom Fungi (including fossil fungi. i.e. dispersed spores, mycelia, sporophores, mycorrhizas). We treat 19 phyla of fungi. These areExpand
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A dynamic portal for a community-driven, continuously updated classification of Fungi and fungus-like organisms: outlineoffungi.org
The website http://outlineoffungi.org, is launched to provide a continuous up-to-date classification of the kingdom Fungi (including fossil fungi) and fungus-like taxa. This is based on recentExpand
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Light and Electron Microscope Studies of Species of Plant Pathogenic Basidiomycota Isolated from Plants in Kıbrıs Village Valley (Ankara, Turkey)
A search for basidiomycetous plant parasites present in Kibris Village Valley (Ankara, Turkey) was carried out during the period 2009-2010. Twenty-two basidiomycetous plant parasites were identifiedExpand
Structural, thermal, spectroscopic, electronic and biological activity properties of coumarin-153 dyes for DSSCs: A DFT benchmark study
Abstract The structural, thermal, spectroscopic, electronic and biological activity properties of the Coumarin-153 molecule report herein a joint experimental and theoretical investigation. FourierExpand