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Trichoplein and Aurora A block aberrant primary cilia assembly in proliferating cells
The trichoplein–AurA pathway must suppress primary cilia assembly in order for cells to exit G1.
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14‐3‐3γ mediates Cdc25A proteolysis to block premature mitotic entry after DNA damage
14‐3‐3 proteins control various cellular processes, including cell cycle progression and DNA damage checkpoint. At the DNA damage checkpoint, some subtypes of 14‐3‐3 (β and ζ isoforms in mammalianExpand
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Novel Positive Feedback Loop between Cdk1 and Chk1 in the Nucleus during G2/M Transition*
Chk1, one of the critical transducers in DNA damage/replication checkpoints, prevents entry into mitosis through inhibition of Cdk1 activity. However, it has remained unclear how this inhibition isExpand
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Trichoplein controls microtubule anchoring at the centrosome by binding to Odf2 and ninein
The keratin cytoskeleton performs several functions in epithelial cells and provides regulated interaction sites for scaffold proteins, including trichoplein. Previously, we found that trichopleinExpand
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ALEMI: A Ten-Year History of Discussions of Alloying-Element Interactions with Migrating Interfaces
ALEMI is concerned with the interactions between Alloying Elements and Migrating Interfaces. A first meeting was held in conjunction with the 2000 TMS Fall Meeting in St. Louis, MO. About 22Expand
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14-3-3 γ mediates Cdc 25 A proteolysis to block premature mitotic entry after DNA damage
Thank you for submitting your manuscript for consideration by The EMBO Journal. It has now been seen by three expert reviewers, whose comments are copied below. As you will see, they all appreciateExpand
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Chk1 phosphorylation at Ser286 and Ser301 occurs with both stalled DNA replication and damage checkpoint stimulation.
We previously reported Chk1 to be phosphorylated at Ser286 and Ser301 by cyclin-dependent kinase (Cdk) 1 during mitosis [T. Shiromizu et al., Genes Cells 11 (2006) 477-485]. Here, we demonstratedExpand
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14-3-3 c mediates Cdc 25 A proteolysis to block premature mitotic entry after DNA damage
Kousuke Kasahara, Hidemasa Goto, Masato Enomoto, Yasuko Tomono, Tohru Kiyono and Masaki Inagaki* Division of Biochemistry, Aichi Cancer Center Research Institute, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan, Department ofExpand
Microstructure-Property Relationship in the Thermomechanically Processed C-Mn-Si-Nb-Al-(Mo) TRIP Steels before and after PS/BH Treatment
The effect of prestraining and bake hardening (PS/BH) on the development of microstructures and mechanical properties in thermomechanically processed transformation-induced plasticity (TRIP) steelsExpand
Salivary metabolomics for colorectal cancer detection
Abstract Background As the worldwide prevalence of colorectal cancer (CRC) is increasing, it is of vital importance to reduce its morbidity and mortality by early detection. Saliva is a noninvasivelyExpand