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Introduction to Probability and Mathematical Statistics
Probability Random Variables and Their Distributions Special Probability Distributions Joint Distributions Properties of Random Variables Functions of Random Variables Limiting DistributionsExpand
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The Lognormal Distribution in Environmental Applications
A paper feed regulator assembly which includes a microswitch having as a portion thereof, an overriding spring plate. A bar is provided to act as a cantilever support in mounting the microswitch on aExpand
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Tolerance Limits and Confidence Limits on Reliability for the Two-Parameter Exponential Distribution
Tolerance limits and confidence limits on reliability, which closely approximate exact limits. are proposed for the two-parameter exponential distribution. These approximations have the advantageExpand
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Interval Estimation for the Two-parameter Double Exponential Distribution
Confidence intervals based on the maximum likelihood estimators are given for the location and scale parameters of the Double Exponential distribution. These intervals are obtained by determining theExpand
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Inferences on the Parameters of the Birnbaum-Saunders Fatigue Life Distribution Based on Maximum Likelihood Estimation
This paper provides tests of hypotheses and confidence intervals for the scale and shape parameters singly of the Birnbaum-Saunders fatigue life model, each with the other an unknown nuisanceExpand
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Simple Approximate Distributional Results for Confidence and Tolerance limits for the Weibull Distribution Based on Maximum likelihood Estimators
One form of the generalized gamma distribution brings out an association between the normal distribution and the extreme-value distribution. This relationship suggests chi-squared, Student's t andExpand
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Tests for an Increasing Trend in the Intensity of a Poisson Process: A Power Study
Abstract This article concerns a comparison of several tests for testing the hypothesis of a constant intensity against the alternative of an increasing intensity function in a nonhomogeneous PoissonExpand
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On Prediction Limits for Samples From a Weibull or Extreme-Value Distribution
A new, simplified approximation for lower prediction limits is derived for the smallest of a set of future observations from a Weibull or extreme-value distribution. The proposed limit can beExpand
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Some Complete and Censored Sampling Results for the Weibull or Extreme-Value Distribution
A simple, unbiased estimator, based on a censored sample, has been proposed by Rain [1] for the scale parameter of the Extreme-value distribution. This estimator was shown to have high efficiency andExpand
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Inferences on the Parameters and Current System Reliability for a Time Truncated Weibull Process
Conditional inference procedures are discussed for the shape parameter and for the current system reliability for a time truncated Weibull process. These tests are shown to be uniformly most powerfulExpand
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