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Toward a Theory of Situation Awareness in Dynamic Systems
  • M. Endsley
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • Hum. Factors
  • 1 March 1995
This paper presents a theoretical model of situation awareness based on its role in dynamic human decision making in a variety of domains. Expand
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The enhancement of operator situation awareness (SA) has become a major designgoal for those developing operator interfaces, automation concepts and training programs ina wide variety of fields,Expand
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Design and Evaluation for Situation Awareness Enhancement
Situation awareness (SA) is an important component of pilot/system performance in all types of aircraft. It is the role of the human factors engineer to develop aircraft cockpits which will enhanceExpand
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Designing for Situation Awareness: An Approach to User-Centered Design, Second Edition
The barrage of data overload is threatening the ability of people to effectively operate in a wide range of systems including aircraft cockpits & ground control stations, military command and controlExpand
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Situation awareness global assessment technique (SAGAT)
  • M. Endsley
  • Engineering
  • Proceedings of the IEEE National Aerospace and…
  • 1988
Pilot-vehicle interface designs must be driven by the gaol of establishing and maintaining high pilot situation awareness. The situation-awareness global assessment technique (SAGAT), developed toExpand
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Direct Measurement of Situation Awareness: Validity and Use of SAGAT
Introduction The Situation Awareness Global Assessment Technique (SAGAT), is a global tool developed to assess SA across all of its elements based on a comprehensive assessment of operator SA requirements (Endsley, 1987b; 1988b; 1990c). Expand
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The Out-of-the-Loop Performance Problem and Level of Control in Automation
The out-of-the-loop performance problem, a major potential consequence of automation, leaves operators of automated systems handicapped in their ability to take over manual operations in the event of automation failure. Expand
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Towards a Theory of Situation Awareness
An electric micro motor for a timepiece comprises a rotor having a portion formed of a permanent magnet and a pair of magnetic stator pieces disposed in spaced-apart relationship with the rotorExpand
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Level of automation effects on performance, situation awareness and workload in a dynamic control task.
Various levels of automation (LOA) designating the degree of human operator and computer control were explored within the context of a dynamic control task as a means of improving overallExpand
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