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"Perfect" markers for the Rht-B1b and Rht-D1b dwarfing genes in wheat
Abstract.PCR-based markers were developed to detect the point mutations responsible for the two major semi-dwarfing genes Rht-B1b (Rht1) and Rht-D1b (Rht2) in wheat. These markers were validated byExpand
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Semidwarf (sd-1), “green revolution” rice, contains a defective gibberellin 20-oxidase gene
The introduction of semidwarf rice (Oryza sativa L.) led to record yield increases throughout Asia in the 1960s. The major semidwarfing allele, sd-1, is still extensively used in modern riceExpand
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MADS box genes control vernalization-induced flowering in cereals
By comparing expression levels of MADS box transcription factor genes between near-isogenic winter and spring lines of bread wheat, Triticum aestivum, we have identified WAP1 as the probableExpand
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Mutants at the Slender1 Locus of Barley cv Himalaya. Molecular and Physiological Characterization
A dominant dwarf mutant of barley (Hordeum vulgare) that resembles dominant gibberellin (GA) “-insensitive” or “-nonresponsive” mutants in other species is described. α-Amylase production byExpand
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Molecular mapping of gibberellin-responsive dwarfing genes in bread wheat
Opportunities exist for replacing reduced height (Rht) genes Rht-B1b and Rht-D1b with alternative dwarfing genes for bread wheat improvement. In this study, the chromosomal locations of severalExpand
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The effect of different height reducing genes on the early growth of wheat.
Genes that reduce height without compromising seedling vigour or coleoptile length have great potential for wheat improvement. We therefore investigated the effects of various reduced height (Rht)Expand
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Increased level of hemoglobin 1 enhances survival of hypoxic stress and promotes early growth in Arabidopsis thaliana
Overexpression of a class 1 Hb (GLB1) protects Arabidopsis thaliana plants from the effects of severe hypoxia. Overexpression of the bifunctional symbiotic Hb (GLB1S) from Parasponia andersonii in A.Expand
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Molecular mapping of genes for Coleoptile growth in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Successful plant establishment is critical to the development of high-yielding crops. Short coleoptiles can reduce seedling emergence particularly when seed is sown deep as occurs when moistureExpand
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Physiology and Genetics of Submergence Tolerance in Rice
We review a multidisciplinary approach to improve flooding tolerance in rice and, specifically, tolerance of complete submergence. Environmental characterizations in India and Thailand suggest thatExpand
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Isolation of gibberellin metabolic pathway genes from barley and comparative mapping in barley, wheat and rice
Gene sequences encoding gibberellin (GA) biosynthetic and catabolic enzymes were isolated from ‘Himalaya’ barley. These genes account for most of the enzymes required for the core pathway of GAExpand
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