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The effect of queuosine on tRNA structure and function.
Computational modeling was performed to determine the potential function of the queuosine modification of tRNA found in wobble position 34 of tRNAasp, tRNAasn, tRNAhis, and tRNAtyr. Using the crystalExpand
Activation of transfer RNA-guanine ribosyltransferase by protein kinase C
Transfer RNA-guanine ribosyltransferase (TGRase) irreversibly incorporates queuine into the first position in the anticodon of four tRNA isoacceptors. Expand
Modulation of queuine uptake and incorporation into tRNA by protein kinase C and protein phosphatase.
It has been suggested that the rate of queuine uptake into cultured human fibroblasts is controlled by phosphorylation levels within the cell. We show that the uptake of queuine is stimulated byExpand
Inhibition of queuine uptake in diploid human fibroblasts by phorbol-12,13-didecanoate. Requirement for a factor derived from early passage cells.
Cell cultures derived from human neonatal foreskins (HF cells) are susceptible to phorbol-12,13-didecanoate- (PDD) induced inhibition of queuine uptake, but this inhibition is pronounced only inExpand
Queuine hypomodification of tRNA induced by 7-methylguanine.
Abstract Transfer RNA isolated from Chinese hamster cells transformed by 7-methylguanine is hypomodified for queuine. 7-Methylguanine rapidly induces queuine hypomodification of tRNA in normalExpand
Absence of tRNA-guanine transglycosylase in a human colon adenocarcinoma cell line.
Queuosine (Q), found exclusively in the first position of the anticodons of tRNA(Asp), tRNA(Asn), tRNA(His) and tRNA(Tyr), is synthesized in eucaryotes by a base-for-base exchange of queuine, theExpand
Determination of queuosine modification system deficiencies in cultured human cells.
Queuosine-deficient tRNAs are often observed in neoplastic cells. In order to determine possible sites for malfunction of the multistep queuosine modification system, comprehensive studies wereExpand
Problems with interpretation of serological assays in a virus survey of orchid species from Puerto Rico, Ecuador, and Florida
Leaf samples collected in May 1990 from wild and cultivated orchids in Puerto Rico were tested for odontoglossum ringspot virus (ORSV), cymbidium mosaic virus (CymMV), tobacco mosaic virus commonExpand
Protein kinase C modulation of queuine uptake in cultured human fibroblasts.
Protein kinase C modulates the activity of a highly specific uptake mechanism for queuine in cultured human fibroblasts. Activators of protein kinase C induce an increased uptake rate for theExpand