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A catalog of Acroceridae (Diptera) from Chile.
A catalog of the Acroceridae from Chile is provided, totaling 33 species and nine genera for the country, including type species of Holops Philippi, 1865 and type material of different authors was revised.
A review of the Chilean Egoliini (Coleoptera: Trogossitidae) with description of a new species of Necrobiopsis Crowson
The Chilean members of the little known tribe Egoliini (Trogossitidae, Trogossitinae) are revised, keyed and illustrated. The tribe is represented in Chile by three species of the genus Acalanthis
Fossil beetles from Pilauco, south-central Chile: An Upper Pleistocene paleoenvironmental reconstruction
Abstract A new assemblage of fossil beetles of Upper Pleistocene age, dated between 15,754 and 14,697 cal yr BP, is described and interpreted based on cluster analysis. In this study, we present an
A catalog of the Bibionidae (Diptera: Bibionomorpha) of Chile.
The geographical distribution of the species known from Chile was compiled from bibliographic data and revised collections and the names of valid names and synonyms were presented.
Morphometric and molecular differences among Calvertius tuberosus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) populations associated with Andean and coastal populations of Araucaria araucana in the La Araucanía
New genotypic and phenotypic data is added for the C. tuberosus populations in forest ecosystems of A. araucana, and the associations between these characteristics and the geographic distributions of populations are clarified.
Diversity and distribution of the Aegorhinus genus in the La Araucanía Region of Chile, with special reference to A. superciliosus and A.nodipennis
En la region de La Araucania, area productora de berries, aun se desconocen aspectos relevantes del comportamiento de los integrantes del genero Aegorhinus, considerados plagas importantes en estos
Catalogue of Chilean Elateridae
A catalogue of Chilean Elateridae is included with 11 subfamilies, distributed in 52 genera and 140 species, including Elaterinae Leach, Cardiophorinae Candèze, and Physodactylinae Lacordaire 1857.
New host-plant records for the defoliator Ormiscodes amphimone (Fabricius) (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae).
This new record for Argentina is highly significant given the economic importance of N. pumilio as a timber resource and the potential of O. amphimone to generate extensive outbreaks.
The canopy beetle faunas of Gondwanan element trees in Chilean temperate rain forests
The beetle fauna found in the canopies of N. dombeyi, N. obliqua and A. araucana was large (600+ species), with about half of the species undescribed, and Schao was found to vary with sample size and to give lower estimates of S than species attenuation curves, raising the possibility that the two methods are estimating the sizes of different statistical communities.