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Video magnification in presence of large motions
Video magnification reveals subtle variations that would be otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Current techniques require all motion in the video to be very small, which is unfortunately notExpand
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Painting style transfer for head portraits using convolutional neural networks
Head portraits are popular in traditional painting. Automating portrait painting is challenging as the human visual system is sensitive to the slightest irregularities in human faces. ApplyingExpand
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Video Reflection Removal Through Spatio-Temporal Optimization
Reflections can obstruct content during video capture and hence their removal is desirable. Current removal techniques are designed for still images, extracting only one reflection (foreground) andExpand
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Large-scale, Fast and Accurate Shot Boundary Detection through Spatio-temporal Convolutional Neural Networks
Shot boundary detection (SBD) is an important pre-processing step for video manipulation. Here, each segment of frames is classified as either sharp, gradual or no transition. Current SBD techniquesExpand
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On Learning Associations of Faces and Voices
In this paper, we study the associations between human faces and voices. Audiovisual integration, specifically the integration of facial and vocal information is a well-researched area inExpand
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A Dataset of Flash and Ambient Illumination Pairs from the Crowd
Illumination is a critical element of photography and is essential for many computer vision tasks. Flash light is unique in the sense that it is a widely available tool for easily manipulating theExpand
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Learning-based Video Motion Magnification
Video motion magnification techniques allow us to see small motions previously invisible to the naked eyes, such as those of vibrating airplane wings, or swaying buildings under the influence of theExpand
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Neural Voice Puppetry: Audio-driven Facial Reenactment
We present Neural Voice Puppetry, a novel approach for audio-driven facial video synthesis. Given an audio sequence of a source person or digital assistant, we generate a photo-realistic output videoExpand
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StyleRig: Rigging StyleGAN for 3D Control Over Portrait Images
StyleGAN generates photorealistic portrait images of faces with eyes, teeth, hair and context (neck, shoulders, background), but lacks a rig-like control over semantic face parameters that areExpand
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Supramolecular structure, mixed ligands and substituents effect on the spectral studies of oxovanadium(IV) complexes of bioinorganic and medicinal relevance.
An interesting series of heterocyclic mixed ligand of oxovanadium(IV) complexes have been synthesized by the reaction of vanadium(IV) sulfate with rhodanine azo (HL(n)) in the presence of β-diketonExpand
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