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Clinicopathological features of untreated fibrous hamartoma of infancy.
AIM--To study the clinicopathological features of fibrous hamartoma of infancy in Nigerian children. METHODS--Six children aged between 6 months and 10 years were studied. All specimens were stainedExpand
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Epidemiology of childhood behavioural disorders in Ilorin, Nigeria--findings from parental reports.
We report the findings of a survey aimed at determining the prevalence, pattern and psychosocial correlates of childhood psychiatric disorders among primary school pupils in Ilorin, Kwara State.Expand
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Lagos "area boys and girls" in rehabilitation: their substance use and psychosocial profiles.
We report on the psychosocial and substance use profiles of the 55 "Area Boys and Girls" (ABG) admitted to a Rehabilitation Camp in Lagos between March and May 1993 under the main auspices of theExpand
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Subchronic toxicity studies of the ethanolic root extract of Croton zambesicus.
Subchronic toxicity study of the crude root extract of Croton zambesicus (27-81 mg/kg), which is used traditionally as malarial remedy, was carried out in rodents to evaluate the safety profile.Expand
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A rapid situation assessment of sexual risk behaviour of alcohol users in Lagos, Nigeria.
BACKGROUND National sentinel surveys of HIV/AIDS among pregnant women in Nigeria have shown steady rise in prevalence from 1991 (1.8%) to 2001 (5.8%), which may reflect the pattern in the adultExpand
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Familial polyposis coli: an unusual case in West Africa.
We describe a case very rare in the West African sub-region, Familial Polyposis Coli, presenting with rectal prolapse. Symptoms appeared at an unusual age of three years. Histological examination ofExpand
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Oil doom and AIDS boom in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.
CONTEXT There has been a steady rise in Nigeria's HIV/AIDS burden since the first sero-prevalence survey in 1991. Nigeria's economy is mainly dependent on oil that comes from the Niger Delta Region.Expand
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Contraceptive, estrogenic and anti-estrogenic potentials of methanolic root extract of Carpolobia lutea in rodents.
Several plants are used in herbal medicine for family planning. Carpolobia lutea is a medicinal plant in South Eastern Nigeria used for family planning. The study was designed to investigate theExpand
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Antimicrobial potential of Centrosema pubescens against a wide range of microorganisms was studied. The ethanolic extract of this plant showed significant antibacterial and antifungal effect againstExpand
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