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Long range planning
The background paper is published, which gives a brief overview of the main propositions that the Ashridge Strategic Management Centre believes it has established. Expand
Everything is illuminated
A new luminescence-based assay allows scientists to assemble detailed protein-protein interaction maps that can reveal the dynamic workings of highly complex signaling networks.
GTP-dependent conformational changes associated with the functional switch between Galpha and cross-linking activities in brain-derived tissue transglutaminase.
Results were supported by molecular modeling, which suggested that domains III and IV both participate in conformational changes leading to the functional switch between the Ca2+-dependent cross-linking activity and the Galpha activity. Expand
Oxford Nanopore announcement sets sequencing sector abuzz
Two technologies are emerging to challenge the supremacy of Illumina’s flagship HiSeq family of genome and exome sequencing instruments, and analysts expect Roche to play the long game to close the deal, even if further price negotiations prove necessary. Expand
A Cellular Repressor of E1A-Stimulated Genes That Inhibits Activation by E2F
The results presented here suggest that CREG activity may contribute to the transcriptional control of cell growth and differentiation. Expand
The secreted glycoprotein CREG enhances differentiation of NTERA-2 human embryonal carcinoma cells
It is shown that constitutive expression of CREG in NTERA-2 cells enhances neuronal differentiation upon treatment with retinoic acid, suggesting that secreted CREG protein participates in a signaling cascade important for differentiation of pluripotent stem cells such as those found in teratocarcinomas. Expand
Particle display: a quantitative screening method for generating high-affinity aptamers.
An aptamer discovery technology that reproducibly yields higher affinity aptamers in fewer rounds compared to conventional selection is reported, and enrichment performance that exceeds the theoretical maximum achievable with conventional selection by many orders of magnitude is demonstrated. Expand
My enemy's enemy is my friend
Bacteriophages form the foundation for a rapid and sensitive bacterial detection assay, capable of revealing the presence of a few dozen cells in a milliliter sample.
Microbiome: Bacterial broadband
The involvement of intestinal bacteria in gut-brain communication could help to explain the mysteries of irritable bowel syndrome, but the search continues for definitive evidence.
Something new under the skin
  • M. Eisenstein
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature Biotechnology
  • 7 February 2011
One-size-fits-all intravenous delivery of biologics may be giving way to alternate delivery routes that enable safer and more efficient drug administration. Michael Eisenstein reports.