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Frontier constellations: agrarian expansion and sovereignty on the Indonesian-Malaysian border
Borderland regions in Southeast Asia have increasingly been reimagined as resource-rich, unexploited ‘wastelands’ targeted for large-scale development schemes for economic integration and control.Expand
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Negotiating Autonomy at the Margins of the State
Recent processes of decentralization have dramatically changed local political configurations and access to resources throughout Indonesia. In particular, the resource-rich regions at the margins ofExpand
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From global policy to local politics: The social dynamics of REDD+ in Asia Pacific
*Department of Geography and Planning, Macquarie University, NSW 2109, Australia. †School of Geography Environment and Earth Sciences, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington 6001, New Zealand.Expand
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Autonomy, Identity, and ‘Illegal’ Logging in the Borderland of West Kalimantan, Indonesia
Borderland identity and traditional community autonomy affect the practice of ‘illegal’ logging and the impact of regional autonomy among the Iban along the upper Kapuas borderland in WestExpand
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Borderland livelihood strategies: The socio-economic significance of ethnicity in cross-border labour migration, West Kalimantan, Indonesia
This paper explores cross-border ethnic relations as an important socio-economic strat- egy for the borderland Iban population in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Iban seeking more lucrative wage workExpand
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A State of Fragmentation: Enacting Sovereignty and Citizenship at the Edge of the Indonesian State
The topic of sovereignty and citizenship helps us to understand post‐authoritarian autonomy movements and resource struggle in Indonesia's borderlands. This article presents a case study of theExpand
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Policy Options for Effective REDD+ Implementation in Indonesia: the Significance of Forest Tenure Reform
SUMMARY Indonesia, which contains the third-largest area of tropical forest in the world, is currently exploring policy options for the effective implementation of REDD+, the global initiative toExpand
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At the Edges of States: Dynamics of State Formation in the Indonesian Borderlands
Set in West Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo, this study explores the shifting relationships between border communities and the state along the political border with East Malaysia. The book rests on theExpand
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Paradoxical Outcomes of National Schooling in the Borderland of West Kalimantan, Indonesia: The Case of the Iban
Introduction Marginal populations like the borderland Iban often do not primarily identify with the state in which they live. Identities derived from regional and local associations are usually moreExpand
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