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Basal insulin therapy in type 2 diabetes: 28-week comparison of insulin glargine (HOE 901) and NPH insulin.
OBJECTIVE To determine the safety and efficacy of the long-acting analog insulin glargine compared with NPH insulin in patients with type 2 diabetes who were previously treated with insulin alone. Expand
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Fibro-osseous lesions of the skull, face and jaws in Kaduna, Nigeria.
Abstract An illustrative series of 13 fibro-osseous lesions in the jaws and cranio-facial skeleton of black Africans from Nigeria is reported. The cases range from unambiguous cranio-facial fibrousExpand
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Sequences of Actions for Individual and Teams of Air Traffic Controllers
We report the results of an observational study involving air traffic controllers and tentatively identify several activities that represent candidates for future automation. Expand
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Advanced central myxoma of the jaws in Nigeria. Clinical features, treatment and pathogenesis.
18 advanced cases of myxoma of the jaws are described. These had a typical age, sex and site distribution and characteristic clinical and radiographic features. Surgical treatment was radical asExpand
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Ameloblastic fibrosarcoma. Report of a case in a Nigerian.
Ameloblastic fibrosarcoma is very rare and has not previously been reported from Nigeria. The case described here had typical clinical features, but the microscopic findings were unusual andExpand
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Cystic, melanotic ameloblastic fibroma with granulomatous inflammation.
A large mandibular tumor which had the cellular features of ameloblastic fibroma but was cystic and complicated by granulomatous inflammation is described. The epithelial component contained melanin.Expand
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Focal epithelial hyperplasia in Abu Dhabi.
Focal epithelial hyperplasia of the oral mucosa has not been described in the United Arab Emirates, and its incidence in the Middle East is sporadic. A typical case with a familial background wasExpand
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Osteosarcoma of the jaws--a series from Kaduna, Nigeria.
15 primary and one metastatic osteosarcoma of the jaw bones in Nigerians are described. The age range was typical of this tumour; most cases were in the mandible. Clinical and radiographic featuresExpand
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Scleroma (rhinoscleroma) in a Nigerian maxillo-facial practice. Review and case reports.
Scleroma (rhinoscleroma), a chronic granulomatous disease of the upper respiratory tract, is endemic within a confined distribution of geographic foci. Sporadic cases and those arising in poorlyExpand
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Some effects of N-methylnitrosourea on the oral and odontogenic tissues of the Syrian golden hamster.
  • M. Edwards
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  • Archives of oral biology
  • 1978
Abstract The carcinogen NMU produces oral carcinoma and malformation of the incisor teeth in hamsters, but it is not clear whether neoplasia occurs in odontogenic tissues. Ten weanling hamstersExpand
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