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Repairable–Conditionally Repairable Damage Model Based on Dual Poisson Processes
Abstract Lind, B. K., Persson, L. M., Edgren, M. R., Hedlöf, I. and Brahme, A. Repairable–Conditionally Repairable Damage Model Based on Dual Poisson Processes. Radiat. Res. 160, 366–375 (2003). TheExpand
Low and high LET radiation‐induced apoptosis in M059J and M059K cells
Purpose: To investigate and compare the ability of DNA‐dependent protein kinase (DNA‐PK)‐deficient and ‐proficient cells to undergo apoptosis after exposure to low and high linear energy transferExpand
Nuclear glutathione and oxygen enhancement of radiosensitivity.
  • M. Edgren
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • International journal of radiation biology and…
  • 1987
Treatment with buthionine sulphoximine depletes glutathione from whole cells and nuclei to different extents resulting in different relationships between o.e.r. and the glutathione content in the twoExpand
Compartmentalised depletion of glutathione in cells treated with buthionine sulphoximine.
Evidence obtained in different types of experiments has indicated that glutathione (GSH) can function as an inherent protector of cells against treatment with radiation and many chemotherapeuticExpand
The effect of modulation of glutathione cellular content on busulphan-induced cytotoxicity on hematopoietic cells in vitro and in vivo
Busulphan is used in conditioning regimens prior to SCT. A relationship between exposure to busulphan, expressed as an area under the plasma concentration time curve (AUC), and effect and/or adverseExpand
Different G2/M accumulation in M059J and M059K cells after exposure to DNA double-strand break-inducing agents.
PURPOSE To investigate and compare the cell cycle progression in relation to cell death in the human glioma cell lines, M059J and M059K, after exposure to DNA double-strand break-inducing agents. Expand
A Comparative Analysis of Radiobiological Models for Cell Surviving Fractions at High Doses
For many years the linear-quadratic (LQ) model has been widely used to describe the effects of total dose and dose per fraction at low-to-intermediate doses in conventional fractionated radiotherapy.Expand
Relative biological effectiveness of boron ions on human melanoma cells
Purpose : To compare the difference in relative biological effectiveness (RBE) between 10 B ions and a 60 Co γ-ray beam for human melanoma cells using in vitro cell survival based on a clonogenicExpand
Chemical competition in target radical reactions: numerical simulation of the theory and comparison with measured oxygen effect on DNA damage in cells.
An intracellular radiation-chemical reaction scheme is tested in which solute and solvent radicals R. react with non-target molecules Sa (scavengers) or with target molecules (presumed to be DNA) toExpand
Induction and repair of single-strand DNA breaks after X-irradiation of human fibroblasts deficient in glutathione.
Using the unwinding technique in weak alkali, the induction and repair of DNA single-strand breaks was determined after aerobic and anerobic X-irradiation of human fibroblasts, obtained from aExpand