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Some new aspects of creatine kinase (CK): compartmentation, structure, function and regulation for cellular and mitochondrial bioenergetics and physiology
Creatine kinase (CK) isoenzymes, specifically located at places of energy demand and energy production, are linked by a phosphocreatine/creatine (PCr/Cr) circuit, found in cells with intermittentlyExpand
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Stress generation in the tension wood of poplar is based on the lateral swelling power of the G-layer.
The mechanism of active stress generation in tension wood is still not fully understood. To characterize the functional interdependency between the G-layer and the secondary cell wall, nanostructuralExpand
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Cellulose microfibril orientation of Picea abies and its variability at the micron-level determined by Raman imaging
The functional characteristics of plant cell walls depend on the composition of the cell wall polymers, as well as on their highly ordered architecture at scales from a few nanometres to severalExpand
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Large-Scale Co-Expression Approach to Dissect Secondary Cell Wall Formation Across Plant Species
Plant cell walls are complex composites largely consisting of carbohydrate-based polymers, and are generally divided into primary and secondary walls based on content and characteristics. CelluloseExpand
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Tensile and compressive stresses in tracheids are induced by swelling based on geometrical constraints of the wood cell
Plants are able to pre-stress their tissues in order to actuate their organs. Here, we demonstrate with two tissue types of the secondary xylem of conifers (normal wood and compression wood of spruceExpand
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Crystal structure of human ubiquitous mitochondrial creatine kinase.
Creatine kinase (CK), catalyzing the reversible trans-phosphorylation between ATP and creatine, plays a key role in the energy metabolism of cells with high and fluctuating energy requirements. WeExpand
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Evidence for vivianite formation and its contribution to long-term phosphorus retention in a recent lake sediment: a novel analytical approach
Vivianite, Fe3(PO4)2 · 8H2O, is a ferrous iron phosphate mineral which forms in waterlogged soils and sed- iments. The phosphorus (P) bound in its crystal lattice is considered to be immobilisedExpand
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Experimental micromechanical characterisation of wood cell walls
The properties of wood and wood-based materials are strongly dependent on the properties of the fibres, that is, the cell wall properties. It is thus highly important to be able to mechanicallyExpand
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Dislocations in single hemp fibres—investigations into the relationship of structural distortions and tensile properties at the cell wall level
The relationship between dislocations and mechanical properties of single hemp fibres (Cannabis sativa L. var. Felina) was studied using a microtensile testing setup in a 2-fold approach. In a firstExpand
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Mechano-sorptive creep in wood fibres
In order to investigate the way in which fibre properties affect the mechano-sorptive creep phenomenon in paper, single wood fibres were exposed to tensile stresses at a constant humidity of 80%Expand
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