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Numerical investigation of the three-dimensional dynamic process of sabot discard
The sabot discard process of an armor-piercing, fin-stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS) is crucial for the flight stability of the projectile. In this paper, the sabot discard behavior afterExpand
Firing Precision Evaluation For Unguided Artillery Projectile
The aim of the present work is to evaluate and improve the firing precision of unguided spinning projectile by evaluating CEP. Expand
Flow Field Investigations and Aerodynamic Characteristics of Artillery Projectile
This paper describes a computational study to determine the aerodynamic coefficients at subsonic and supersonic speeds using an unstructured flow solver. The paper presents results of investigationExpand
Aerodynamic Characteristics of Unguided Artillery Projectile
The paper presents results of investigation of a flow over unguided artillery projectile in order to understand variation of flow parameters past a 155 mm artillery projectile M107 and theExpand
Flow Field Investigation around Body Tail Projectile
The unsteady compressible flow around a 50 mm projectile governed by the Navier-Stocks (NS) equation is numerically solved with a Large Eddy Simulation (LES) method, with the Sub-Grid Scale (SGS)Expand