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A History of Women Philosophers
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Diotima of Mantinea
Diotima and Aspasia are the only two women who are characterized as philosophers in the Socratic dialogues of Plato although other women, notably Axiothea of Philesia and Lasthenia of Mantinea, areExpand
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Developing case situations for ethics education in nursing.
Developing cases for the clinical teaching of ethics can be extremely time-consuming. Often, the cases that are developed either represent unrealistic situations or mere technical puzzles rather thanExpand
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Why Mill was for paternalism.
  • M. E. Waithe
  • Engineering, Medicine
  • International journal of law and psychiatry
  • 1983
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Women Philosophers of the Early Modern Period
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Hypatia of Alexandria
Fourth century Alexandria was the western world’s center of scientific, philosophic, and other intellectual achievement. Christianity was gaining as much political and intellectual power as the oldExpand
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Ethical Issues in the Practice of Forensic Psychiatry
The recent, rapid development of the practice of forensic psychiatry has led to an increasing awareness of and a growing concern about the ethical issues that inhere in this subspecialty. While someExpand
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From Canon Fodder to Canon-Formation: How Do We Get There from Here?
The phenomenon of recently rediscovered philosophical works by women who wrote from antiquity until the late 20th century is outlined in this paper. It questions what the English-language canon ofExpand
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Women Philosophers of the Seventeenth, Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
The preceding chapters explore in some detail modern philosphy’s indebtedness to women. It is appropriate to close this volume with brief descriptions of other women of the seventeenth, eighteenth,Expand
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