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Taxonomic Observations on Extant Species and Subspecies of Slider Turtles, Genus Trachemys
tope analysis. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B Biological Sciences 227:137-144. CACCONE, A., G. AMATO, 0. C. GRATRY, J. BEHLER, AND J. R. POWELL. 1999. A molecular phylogeny of fourExpand
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Scientific and Standard English Names of Amphibians and Reptiles of North America North of Mexico: Update
This publication serves as an update for the most recent list of scientific and standard English names of North American amphibians and reptiles north of Mexico (Crother et al. 2000. SSAR Herpetol.Expand
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Aspects of evaporative water loss in the mud turtles kinosternon hirtipes and Kinosternon flavescens
Abstract 1. 1. Kinosternon hirtipes, a primarily aquatic turtle, consistently demonstrates greater rates of evaporative water loss (EWL) compared to the more terrestrial congener K. flaivscens . 2.Expand
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Terrestrial dormancy in the turtle Kinosternon flavescens: Respiratory metabolism and dehydration
Experimentally induced terrestrial dormancy resulted in reduced rates of oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide release by the turtle, Kinosternon flavescens. 1. 2. An unusually low respiratoryExpand
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Salinity Tolerance of Estuarine and Insular Emydid Turtles (Pseudemys nelsoni and Trachemys decussata)
ABSTRAcr. - Pseudemys nelsoni and Trachemys decussata inhabit brackish water in mainland areas of extreme southern Florida and on Grand Cayman Island. They appear to be intermediate in their salinityExpand
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Biochemical comparisons and phylogenetic relationships in the family Kinosternidae (Testudines)
Electrophoretic relationships among 18 species, representing all four genera of kinosternid turtles, were defined by phenetic and cladistic analyses. Relatively little protein variation was observedExpand
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Osmoregulation in the Turtle Trionyx spiniferus from Brackish and freshwater
Two populations of Trionyx spiniferus emoryi were collected in New Mexico and their ability to osmoregulate was studied. One population inhabits freshwater (total ions = 26.9 meq/liter) and the otherExpand
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Amphibians and reptiles (exclusive of marine turtles) of the Cayman Islands
The first herpetological collections from the Cayman Islands were made in Grand Cayman by W.B. Richardson and in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman by C.J. Maynard. These were described in several papersExpand
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