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A new coumarin, pranferol, from the roots ofPrangos ferulacea
SummaryA new coumarin, pranferol C16H16O5, has been isolated from the roots ofPrangos ferulacea (L.) Lindl.The structure 5-(2′-hydroxy-3′-methylbutoxy)furo-2′,3′:7,6-coumarin has been proposed forExpand
The structure of pilopleurin — A new chromone from Pilopleura kozo-poljanskii
SummaryFrom the roots ofPilopleura kozo-poljanskii Schischk. a new chromone has been isolated which has been called pilopleurin. On the basis of the results of hydrolysis and UV, IR, and NMRExpand
The structure of seselirin: A new chromone from the roots ofSeseli sessiliflorum
ConclusionsFrom the roots ofSeseli sessiliflorum Schrenk a new chromone has been isolated for which the structure ofExpand
Configuration of kellerin and samarkandin
The structure of delavayine — An alkaloid from Stephania delovayi
ConclusionsThe definitive structure of delevayine — an alkaloid isolated earlier from the herbStephania delovayi — has been established.
NMR spectra of natural coumarin derivatives
ConclusionsThe NMR spectra of nine coumarin derivatives have been studied. The results obtained may be used for purposes of structural analysis.
The structure of the alkaloid delavayine
From the herb Stephania Delavayi Diels (Menispermaceae) growing in Transcauoas ia , by chromatography of the total alkaloids on a lumina [eluent: ethyl e the r -me thano l (99 : 1)] we have isolatedExpand
The structure of xanthalin
ConclusionsFrom the roots ofXanthogalum purpurascens growing in the Transcaucasus, we have isolated a new coumarin, C24H26O7 with mp 111–113°C, [α]D20 −164.2° (c 0.97; ethanol) which we have calledExpand