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The structure of a novel insecticidal neurotoxin, ω-atracotoxin-HV1, from the venom of an Australian funnel web spider
A family of potent insecticidal toxins has recently been isolated from the venom of Australian funnel web spiders. Among these is the 37-residue peptide ω-atracotoxin-HV1 (ω-ACTX-HV1) from HadronycheExpand
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The structure of versutoxin (delta-atracotoxin-Hv1) provides insights into the binding of site 3 neurotoxins to the voltage-gated sodium channel.
BACKGROUND Versutoxin (delta-ACTX-Hv1) is the major component of the venom of the Australian Blue Mountains funnel web spider, Hadronyche versuta. delta-ACTX-Hv1 produces potentially fatal neurotoxicExpand
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Structure-function studies of omega-atracotoxin, a potent antagonist of insect voltage-gated calcium channels.
The omega-atracotoxins are a family of 36 to 37-residue peptide neurotoxins that block insect but not mammalian voltage-gated calcium channels. The high phylogenetic specificity of these toxinsExpand
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Discovery and characterization of a family of insecticidal neurotoxins with a rare vicinal disulfide bridge
We have isolated a family of insect-selective neurotoxins from the venom of the Australian funnel-web spider that appear to be good candidates for biopesticide engineering. These peptides, which weExpand
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Saponins in eggs and larvae of A canthaster planci (L.) (Asteroidea) as chemical defences against planktivorous fish
The suggestion that saponins in eggs and larvae of Acanthaster planci (L.) serve as chemical defences was tested by feeding groups of planktivorous pomacentrid fish with random series of gelatin foodExpand
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Allergenic cross-reactions among legume foods--an in vitro study.
The specific IgE binding by protein extracts of 11 food legumes, including soybean, was examined by RAST and RAST inhibition. Sera from 15 peanut-sensitive patients were, with very few exceptions,Expand
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Complete amino acid sequence of a new type of lethal neurotoxin from the venom of the funnel‐web spider Atrax robustus
Robustoxin, the lethal neurotoxin isolated from the venom of the male Sydney funnel–web spider, Atrax robustus, is of unique structural type and physiological mode of action. The primary structure ofExpand
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A major continuous allergenic epitope of bovine β‐lactoglobulin recognized by human IgE binding
Hexapeptides of sequential overlapping sequences of β‐lactoglobulin (BLG) were used to probe scrum from children with immediate‐type cow milk allergy for IgE binding to continuous epilopes of BLG inExpand
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Allergens in the white and yolk of hen's egg. A study of IgE binding by egg proteins.
The radioallergosorbent test (RAST) was used to compare the IgE binding of egg white and yolk, and allergenic proteins were detected by immunoelectrotransfer ('Western blotting'). The main allergensExpand
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Multiplicity of allergens in peanuts.
Crude peanut protein fractions from raw and roasted peanuts were examined in the RAST with 10 sera from patients showing clinical peanut sensitivity. The radioactive uptake results, which wereExpand
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