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Immunocytochemistry and distribution of parabrachial terminals in the lateral geniculate nucleus of the cat: A comparison with corticogeniculate terminals
We used immunohistochemistry in cats to demonstrate the presence of brain nitric oxide synthase (BNOS) in cholinergic fibers within the A‐laminae of the lateral geniculate nucleus. We used a doubleExpand
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Neurofilament Proteins in Y-Cells of the Cat Lateral Geniculate Nucleus: Normal Expression and Alteration with Visual Deprivation
We examined neurofilament staining in the normal and visually deprived lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN), using the SMI-32 antibody. This antibody preferentially stains LGN cells that display theExpand
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Pulvinar Projections to the Striatum and Amygdala in the Tree Shrew
Visually guided movement is possible in the absence of conscious visual perception, a phenomenon referred to as “blindsight.” Similarly, fearful images can elicit emotional responses in the absenceExpand
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Synaptic development of the mouse dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus
The dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus (dLGN) of the mouse has emerged as a model system in the study of thalamic circuit development. However, there is still a lack of information regarding how andExpand
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Two distinct types of corticothalamic EPSPs and their contribution to short-term synaptic plasticity.
The lateral posterior nucleus (LPN) is innervated by two different morphological types of cortical terminals that originate from cortical layers V and VI. Here we describe two distinct types ofExpand
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A GABAergic projection from the pretectum to the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus in the cat
To study the projection from the pretectum to the lateral geniculate nucleus, we placed wheat-germ agglutinin conjugated to horseradish peroxidase into the lateral geniculate nuclei of six cats,Expand
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Synaptic targets of thalamic reticular nucleus terminals in the visual thalamus of the cat
A major inhibitory input to the dorsal thalamus arises from neurons in the thalamic reticular nucleus (TRN), which use gamma‐aminobutyric acid (GABA) as a neurotransmitter. We examined the synapticExpand
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Retinal and Tectal “Driver-Like” Inputs Converge in the Shell of the Mouse Dorsal Lateral Geniculate Nucleus
The dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus (dLGN) is a model system for understanding thalamic organization and the classification of inputs as “drivers” or “modulators.” Retinogeniculate terminalsExpand
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Collateral projections of predorsal bundle cells of the superior colliculus in the rat
The deep layers of the superior colliculus contain cells which are premotor in the sense that they respond prior to the onset of shifts in gaze and send axons, by way of a pathway called theExpand
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Neurotransmitters contained in the subcortical extraretinal inputs to the monkey lateral geniculate nucleus
The lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) is the thalamic relay of retinal information to cortex. An extensive complement of nonretinal inputs to the LGN combine to modulate the responsiveness of relayExpand
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