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The importance of early diagnosis and treatment of developmental dysplasia of the hips.
The authors' intention is to portray the rich potential of USG technology in the diagnosis of DDH, to demonstrate its effectiveness, and to promote the use of this method among orthopedic surgeons and pediatricians, who may have differing opinions concerning its actual value.
Meloxan and its value in treatment of osteoarthrosis (part 1).
  • M. Dziewulski
  • Medicine
    Ortopedia, traumatologia, rehabilitacja
  • 28 February 2003
Comprehensive rehabilitation of patients after multi-organ and multi-focal injuries.
Clinical material is presented consisting of all patients rehabilitated for multi-organ injuries in the First Department of Rehabilitation at the Metropolitan Rehabilitation Center in Konstancin, Poland from 1989-2000 to challenge some still-existing therapeutic stereotypes in the treatment of these patients.
Epidemiology of Scheuermann's disease in children and adolescents.
It is proved that Scheuermann's disease is very rare (controversial) before 10 years of age and the effectiveness of diagnosis and early hospitalization has been improved during last years.
The possibilities of restoring or improving hand functions in tetraplegic patients.
The methods used to improve functioning of the paretic hand (surgery, orthoses), and also the efforts made to restore some measure of function in the paralyzed hand by the use of an autogenic graft of musculocutaneus nerve into median nerve, and also by the application of functional electric stimulation using electrodes implanted into median and radial nerves are discussed.