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Rabat: Urban Apartheid in Morocco
Making provocative use of the term apartheid," Janet Abu-Lughod argues that French colonial policies in Moroccan cities effectively segregated Moroccans from Europeans. Focusing on Rabat and drawingExpand
Air-tightness field data for dwellings in Ireland
Abstract Air-tightness plays a major role in both building energy performance and indoor environmental quality. Ireland’s National Methodology for the calculation of energy performance of buildings,Expand
The Ottoman Slave Trade and Its Suppression 1840-1890
This book is a historical account of the slave trading system of the Ottoman Empire in the second half of the nineteenth century and of the attempts, which were eventually successful, to suppress it.Expand
A New Zealand Strategy for Cadastre 2034
New Zealand has an AAA (accurate, authoritative and assured) digital cadastral system, based on a modern geodetic system and supporting a digital land registration system. Landowners in New ZealandExpand
A field trial for in-situ bioremediation of 1,2-DCA
Historic spillages of chlorinated hydrocarbons at a vinyl chloride plant in the Rotterdam Botlek area in The Netherlands have lead to contamination of the underlying aquifer. The principalExpand
Isolation of tributyltin-degrading bacteria citrobacter braakii and enterobacter cloacae from butyltin-polluted sediment
Tributyltin compound (TBT) released into the aquatic environment is generally degraded by bacteria in water and sediment. The isolation of TBT-degrading bacteria from TBT polluted sediment leads toExpand
Field survey of desiccation fissuring of flood embankments
Early studies on the 1953 North Sea floods showed that desiccation fissuring of clay fill can play a major role in the failure of flood embankments under overflow conditions. However, the onset ofExpand
A Study on Feasibility and Potential Benefits of Organized Carsharing in Ireland
To meet Kyoto targets, transport related CO₂ emissions are required to be reduced in Ireland. Internationally Car Sharing (CS) has been identified as a potential means of promoting sustainable travelExpand
Use of nebulisers to deliver cementation liquid in granular soils to form biogrout
The use of urease enzyme to deposit calcium carbonate (CaCO3) for ground treatment of granular soils has typically relied on injection or percolation of liquid solutions. This approach can result i...