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Oligocene CO2 Decline Promoted C4 Photosynthesis in Grasses
C4 photosynthesis is an adaptation derived from the more common C3 photosynthetic pathway that confers a higher productivity under warm temperature and low atmospheric CO2 concentration [1, 2]. C4Expand
Phylogeny and subfamilial classification of the grasses (Poaceae)
A large collaborative effort has yiel(led a comprehensive study of the phylogeny and a new suhfanilial classification of the grass family (Poaceae/Graminieae). The stu(ly was (con(luc(ted on anExpand
Interaction study of MADS-domain proteins in tomato.
MADS-domain proteins are important transcription factors involved in many biological processes of plants. Interactions between MADS-domain proteins are essential for their functions. In tomatoExpand
Genome-wide analysis of the MADS-box gene family in Populus trichocarpa.
Populus trichocarpa (poplar) is distinguished from its herbaceous counterparts Arabidopsis and rice by its woody structure, perennial life cycle, and dioecious, two-whorled flowers. MADS-box genesExpand
C4 Photosynthesis Evolved in Grasses via Parallel Adaptive Genetic Changes
Phenotypic convergence is a widespread and well-recognized evolutionary phenomenon. However, the responsible molecular mechanisms remain often unknown mainly because the genes involved are notExpand
Assembling the Tree of the Monocotyledons: Plastome Sequence Phylogeny and Evolution of Poales1
Abstract The order Poales comprises a substantial portion of plant life (7% of all angiosperms and 33% of monocots) and includes taxa of enormous economic and ecological significance. Molecular andExpand
Complete chloroplast genome of Oncidium Gower Ramsey and evaluation of molecular markers for identification and breeding in Oncidiinae
BackgroundOncidium spp. produce commercially important orchid cut flowers. However, they are amenable to intergeneric and inter-specific crossing making phylogenetic identification very difficult.Expand
Evolution of the bamboos (Bambusoideae; Poaceae): a full plastome phylogenomic analysis
BackgroundBambusoideae (Poaceae) comprise three distinct and well-supported lineages: tropical woody bamboos (Bambuseae), temperate woody bamboos (Arundinarieae) and herbaceous bamboos (Olyreae).Expand
Chloroplast DNA diversity among wild and cultivated members of Cucurbita (Cucurbitaceae)
SummaryCladistic analysis of 86 chloroplast DNA restriction-site mutations among 30 samples representing 15 species of Cucurbita indicates that annual species of the genus are derived fromExpand