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Comparing Venezuelan and Canadian Heavy Oil and Tar Sands
The world’s two largest oil deposits are the heavy and extra heavy oil deposits of Venezuela and Canada. These deposits have many similarities and some differences; however, the general similarity inExpand
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Energy Resources and Potentials
Executive Summary An energy resource is the first step in the chain that supplies energy services (for a definition of energy services, see Chapter 1). Energy services are largely ignorant of theExpand
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Large and small strain properties of sands subjected to local void increase
Local strain effects are proposed as a source of shear strength reduction in cemented particulate media, shales, and heterogeneous systems. Shear strength degradation through local straining mayExpand
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Casing Shear: Causes, Cases, Cures
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Shear strength of Athabasca Oil Sands
Previously published data are inadequate to explain the high natural shear strength of oil sand. Dissolved gas comes out of solution when confining stresses are removed rapidly, and this results inExpand
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Hydraulic Fracturing Mine Back Trials — Design Rationale and Project Status
Last year, a joint Mining and Oil & Gas industry consortium was established in Canada to conduct hydraulic fracturing (HF) tests accompanied by a mine-back of fractured regions to assess HF modelsExpand
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Effects of rock anisotropy and heterogeneity on stress distributions at selected sites in North America
Abstract Provinces of regionally consistent horizontal stress orientations persist throughout the upper crust, and these may contain local areas where horizontal stress (σ H ) orientations seem toExpand
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Study of energy storage systems and environmental challenges of batteries
Abstract As more renewable energy is developed, energy storage is increasingly important and attractive, especially grid-scale electrical energy storage; hence, finding and implementingExpand
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Description of fluid flow around a wellbore with stress-dependent porosity and permeability
Abstract Stress-dependent porosity and permeability effects have been widely studied at the laboratory scale, as they can significantly affect reserve estimates, well production rate andExpand
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