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Phylogeny and infrageneric classification of Correa Andrews (Rutaceae) on the basis of nuclear and chloroplast DNA
The phylogenies based on nuclear DNA should reflect species relations better than the chloroplast phylogeny in Correa, and a new subgeneric classification of the genus is proposed on the basis of the ITS-based phylogeny and morphology.
Morphological Variation within the Boronia grandisepala Group (Rutaceae) and the Description of Nine Taxa Endemic to the Northern Territory, Australia
Within Boronia Sm. section Valvatae (Benth.) Engl. the B. grandisepala F.Muell. species group is characterised by a calyx as large or larger than the corolla, simple leaves, and multiangular stellate
New subspecies of Leionema bilobum (Rutaceae)
Morphological variation in Leionema bilobum (Lindl.) Paul G. Wilson is described taxonomically as four subspecies: viz. subsp. bilobum, which is restricted to the eastern ranges of Grampians National
A cladistic analysis of Boronia section Valvatae (Rutaceae)
An infrageneric classification, based on the cladogram, of Boronia section Valvatae s.
Morphometric analysis of Correa lawrenceana (Rutaceae) and the reinstatement of var. ferruginea endemic to Tasmania
Multivariate morphometrics showed that C. lawrenceana can be divided into two well discriminated groups that are both endemic to Tasmania, a glabrescent form from the north-east and a hirsute form fromThe western, central and south-eastern regions, which shows that more than one Tasmanian form warrants taxonomic recognition.
Strelitzia nicolai (Strelitziaceae): a new species, genus and family weed record for New South Wales
Strelitzia nicolai Regel & Korn. (Strelitziaceae) is newly recorded as a sparingly naturalised weed for New South Wales and represents new family, generic and species records for the state.
Boronia barrettiorum (Boronia subseries Filicifoliae : Rutaceae), a new species from the Kimberley Region of north-western Australia
A formal description and a detailed account of the species are published before the forthcoming Flora of Australia treatment of the genus.
Historical biogeography of Melicope (Rutaceae) and its close relatives with a special emphasis on Pacific dispersals
Wider ecological niches and adaptations to bird‐dispersal likely account for the much higher species richness in the Acronychia‐Melicope clade compared to the Euodia clade.
AusTraits – a curated plant trait database for the Australian flora
The AusTraits database is introduced - a compilation of measurements of plant traits for taxa in the Australian flora that contains data on 375 traits across 29230 taxa from field campaigns, published literature, taxonomic monographs, and individual taxa descriptions.