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Contribution of ion‐induced nucleation to new particle formation: Methodology and its application to atmospheric observations in Boulder, Colorado
[1] This paper investigates the role of ion-induced nucleation (IIN) in new particle formation events observed near ground level at a sampling site located near Boulder, Colorado (14 March 2004 to 27Expand
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Measurements of Mexico City nanoparticle size distributions: Observations of new particle formation and growth
Received 13 January 2004; revised 5 March 2004; accepted 30 April 2004; published 22 May 2004. [1] Continuous measurements of the size distribution of atmospheric aerosol in the 3–48 nm diameterExpand
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A new piloted premixed jet burner to study strong finite-rate chemistry effects
Abstract This paper describes the initial characterization of a piloted premixed jet burner (PPJB) designed to investigate finite-rate chemistry effects in highly turbulent lean premixed combustion.Expand
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Chemical composition of atmospheric nanoparticles formed from nucleation in Tecamac, Mexico : Evidence for an important role for organic species in nanoparticle growth
[1] We report Thermal Desorption Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer (TDCIMS) measurements of the composition of ambient 10–33 nm diameter particles formed from nucleation on 16 March 2006 inExpand
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The structure of turbulent stratified and premixed methane/air flames II: Swirling flows
Abstract Experimental results are presented from a series of turbulent methane/air stratified flames stabilized on a swirl burner. Nine operating conditions are considered, systematically varying theExpand
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Finite Rate Chemistry Effects in Highly Sheared Turbulent Premixed Flames
Detailed scalar structure measurements of highly sheared turbulent premixed flames stabilized on the piloted premixed jet burner (PPJB) are reported together with corresponding numerical calculationsExpand
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The compositional structure of highly turbulent piloted premixed flames issuing into a hot coflow
Abstract Simultaneous line measurements of major species and temperature by the Raman–Rayleigh technique, combined with CO two-photon laser-induced fluorescence and crossed-plane OH planarExpand
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Effects of preferential transport in turbulent bluff-body-stabilized lean premixed CH4/air flames
Abstract Preferential species diffusion is known to have important effects on local flame structure in turbulent premixed flames, and differential diffusion of heat and mass can have significantExpand
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Finite-Rate Chemistry Effects in Turbulent Premixed Combustion
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Large Eddy Simulations of a piloted lean premix jet flame using finite-rate chemistry
A Large Eddy Simulation (LES) model capable of accurately representing finite-rate chemistry effects in turbulent premixed combustion is presented. The LES computations use finite-rate chemistry andExpand
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