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A temporal analysis of urban forest carbon storage using remote sensing
Quantifying the carbon storage, distribution, and change of urban trees is vital to understanding the role of vegetation in the urban environment. At present, this is mostly achieved through groundExpand
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Calibration and exploitation of a narrow-band imaging polarimeter
The integration and calibration of a narrow-band imaging po- larimeter is described. The system is designed to exploit subtle spectral details in visible and near-IR polarimetric images. All of theExpand
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Assumptions implicit in remote sensing data acquisition and analysis
In this paper, we deal with eleven major assumptions which are implicit in the acquisition and in the analysis of passively sensed digital image data. Expand
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Stokes vector imaging of the polarized sky-dome.
A practical method has been developed for obtaining partial Stokes vector (IQU_) and derivative (IPT_) images of the polarized sky-dome. This method takes advantage of a four-lens stereoscopicExpand
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Optical enhancement of aircraft detection using polarization
Focal plane wideband infrared digital polarization imagery will be compared with visual wideband focal plane digital imagery of a camouflaged C-130 aircraft to show the extreme enhancement possibleExpand
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Field measurement of reflectance: some major considerations.
Success in determining when, whether, and in what conditions to acquire remote sensing data for describing a given target (e.g., vegetation) is contingent on understanding the reflectance propertiesExpand
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Multi-spectral image analysis for improved space object characterization
The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) is studying the application and utility of various ground-based and space-based optical sensors for improving surveillance of space objects in both Low Earth Orbit and Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO). Expand
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Systematic and random variations in Thematic Mapper digital radiance data
Studies are reported of the systematic and random variations in digital radiance data obtained by the Landsat-4 and Landsat-5 Thematic Mappers over an agricultural crop area which was apparentlyExpand
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Imaging polarimetry in scene element discrimination
  • M. Duggin
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  • 25 October 1999
Recent work has shown that the use of a calibrated digital camera fitted with a rotating linear polarizer can facilitate the study of Stokes parameter images across a wide dynamic range of sceneExpand
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