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Trimeric and Tetrameric A-Type Procyanidins from Peanut Skins.
The results of the TNF-α secretion inhibition indicate that small structural differences, as in peanut procyanidin tetramers E and F, can be strongly differentiated in biological systems.
Preferred conformation of the benzyloxycarbonyl-amino group in peptides.
Structural parameters, derived from X-ray crystallographic data, have been compiled for 35 derivatives of amino acids, peptides, and related compounds, which contain the N-terminal benzyloxycarbonyl (Z) group, indicating that most conformations of Z-amino acid-N'-methylamides and of corresponding Boc derivatives have similar dihedral angles and relative energies.
Isolation and structural determination of flavan-3-ol derivatives from the Polypodium vulgare L. rhizomes water extract
Polypodium vulgare L. (Polypodiaceae) is a fern used in traditional Polish medicine as an expectorant to treat cough and pertussis and as a diuretic in renal diseases, especially in chronic nephritis and pyelonephritis.
Crystal structure determination of an elusive methanol solvate – hydrate of catechin using crystal structure prediction and NMR crystallography
Experimental screening for new crystalline forms of a flavan-3-ol derivative, catechin, yielded several new solvates and solvate–hydrates of this polyphenol, among which a new methanol-containing
Spontaneous Keto-Enol Tautomerization in the Crystal Lattice Visualized with the Help of Water Encapsulated in Hydrophilic Reservoirs.
It is revealed that not only OH and NH protons of these chemicals undergo exchange to deuterium in a crystal lattice, but also usually immobile protons are exchanged as a result of keto-enol tautomerism.
All-Optical Poling and Two-Photon Absorption in Heterocyclic Azo Dyes with Different Side Groups
We investigated the optical properties of heterocyclic azo dyes with different side groups prepared: as powders, in PMMA matrix, and side-chain polymers. We characterized the nonlinear optical