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The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Customer Donations to Corporate-Supported Nonprofits
Both theory and recent research evidence suggest that a corporation's socially responsible behavior can positively affect consumers’ attitudes toward the corporation. The effect occurs both directlyExpand
Company Advertising with a Social Dimension: The Role of Noneconomic Criteria
The author examines company advertising campaigns with social dimensions and compares them to matched standard, or nonsocial, campaigns. The author investigates the managers’ objectives for theExpand
Socially Responsible Organizational Buying: Environmental Concern as a Noneconomic Buying Criterion
The greening of corporate America has added a new and different type of criterion to some organizational buying decisions—social responsibility. Scholars have given little attention to suchExpand
Social Alliances: Company/Nonprofit Collaboration
During the past four years, Avon's 450,000 U.S. sales representatives have raised $22 million to provide access to breast cancer screening and education. The representatives often incorporate breastExpand
Mainstreaming Corporate Social Responsibility: Developing Markets for Virtue
This article investigates what it means for corporate social responsibility (CSR) to be "mainstreamed" in a company. Rather than a single ' best practice/narratives provided by managers revealed thatExpand
Social Alliances: Company/Nonprofit Collaboration
Companies are increasingly seeing corporate social responsibility as a key to long-term success and are collaborating with nonprofit organizations in various ways to establish themselves as goodExpand
HOW ADVERTISING PRACTITIONERS VIEW ETHICS : Moral Muteness, Moral Myopia, and Moral Imagination
This study examines how advertising agency personnel perceive, process, and think about ethical issues. We conducted in-depth, elite interviews with advertising practitioners at all levels in 29Expand
Identity, identification, and relationship through social alliances
The authors studied social alliances, a type of corporate societal marketing initiative. Their research finds that social alliances are an important means whereby employees identify more closely withExpand
The Current State of Advertising Ethics: Industry and Academic Perspectives
Given the dynamic change and radical transformation of the advertising industry, we interviewed industry and academic leaders to seek their perspectives on the current state of advertising ethics. WeExpand