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Men’s Bodies
Men’s bodies and body image have attracted increasing attention from researchers and popular press journalists during the past decade. Arguably, Western culture tends to identify men’s body imageExpand
Men, Body Image, and Eating Disorders
Health professionals have few resources to help them work with men who suffer from eating disorders (i.e., anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa) apart from the literature that focuses on females whoExpand
Sport, aging men, and constructions of masculinities
The benefits of exercise to functional health cannot be denied. A plethora of research has revealed the ways in which sustained, regular exercise aids the body, particularly cardiovascular health andExpand
Parents in youth sport: what happens after the game?
Characteristic issues surrounding parents in youth sport include examples of negative verbal and non-verbal behaviour demonstrated during competition. Numerous studies have done well to highlightExpand
The Meaning of Boys' Bodies in Physical Education
Boys who are highly skilled in sports and physical activity generally have a positive body-identity. Conversely, boys perceived to be less skilled in these areas can feel disassociated from theirExpand
Idealised media images: The effect of fitspiration imagery on body satisfaction and exercise behaviour.
Investigation of the impact of athletic and muscular fitness-idealised images compared to traditional thin ideal images on women's body dissatisfaction and exercise behaviour found that this type of fitness inspiration might not motivate actual exercise behaviour. Expand
Gay men and prostate cancer: voicing the concerns of a hidden population
Major themes expressed included concerns related to relationship changes and strains, altered sexual function and associated implications for a gay identity, and the perception of heteronormative attitudes in the health care system. Expand
Retired Men, Retired Bodies
Investigation of ways in which older, retired men perceive their bodies and whether this bears on their masculine identity and quality of life identifies important health promotion strategies for health practitioners working with older men. Expand
Exploring online fitness culture and young females
Abstract While previous studies have investigated online health communities and health-seeking behaviours, less attention has been directed at the growing impact of the online fitness movement. ThisExpand
Understanding Boys' Bodies and Masculinity in Early Childhood
Children as young as five experience feelings of body image dissatisfaction. However, body image research has tended to focus on females due to myriad social and cultural issues girls/women confrontExpand