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Domestic UK retrofit challenge: Barriers, incentives and current performance leading into the Green Deal
This paper reviews the thermal performance of the existing UK housing stock, the main fabric efficiency incentive schemes and the barriers to obtaining deep energy and CO2 savings throughout theExpand
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Software process themes and issues
  • M. Dowson
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • [] Proceedings of the Second International…
  • 25 February 1993
Three main interrelated themes are identified in the work of software process technologists: software process modeling and definition; software process assessment and improvement; and softwareExpand
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ISTAR—an integrated project support environment
Imperial Software Technology (IST) has adopted the opposite approach. Over the last two years IST has been developing ISTAR, an integrated, language independent, project support environment. TheExpand
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A Review of the Regulatory Energy Performance Gap and Its Underlying Causes in Non-domestic Buildings
This paper reviews the discrepancy between predicted and measured energy use in non-domestic buildings in a UK context with outlook to global studies. It explains differences between energyExpand
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Towards Requirements for Enactment Mechanisms
The issues we have discussed above have a number of implications for the design of formalisms or languages for constructing enactable process definitions, and for the design of process definitionExpand
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Driver perception of steering feel
Abstract Steering feel is optimized at a late stage of vehicle development, using prototype vehicles and expert opinion. An understanding of human perception may assist the development of a goodExpand
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The Ariane 5 software failure
On 4 June 1996, the Ariane 501 satellite launch failed catastrophically 40 seconds after initiation of the flight sequence, incurring a direct cost of approximately $370 million. The Inquiry BoardExpand
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Streamlined life cycle assessment of transparent silica aerogel made by supercritical drying
When developing sustainable building fabric technologies, it is essential that the energy use and CO2 burden arising from manufacture does not outweigh the respective in-use savings. This studyExpand
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Integrated Project Support with IStar
  • M. Dowson
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Software
  • 1 November 1987
Most integrated environments are built bottom-up, starting with language tools. But this limits comprehensive project support. IST's system focuses on the overall project task instead.
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Iteration in the software process
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