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Multicriteria classification and sorting methods: A literature review
Abstract The assignment of alternatives (observations/objects) into predefined homogenous groups is a problem of major practical and research interest. Expand
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Multicriteria Decision Aid Classification Methods
Prologue. 1. Introduction to the Classification Problem. 2. Classification Problems in Finance. 3. Multicriteria Decision and Classification Techniques. 4. Preference Disaggregation Classification Methods. 5. Experimental Comparison of Classification Techniques . Expand
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A multicriteria classification approach based on pairwise comparisons
This paper proposes a new approach that involves pairwise comparisons based on the multicriteria decision aid (MCDA) paradigm. Expand
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Multi‐criteria decision aid in financial decision making: methodologies and literature review
Over the past decades the complexity of financial decisions has increased rapidly, thus highlighting the importance of developing and implementing sophisticated and efficient quantitative analysisExpand
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Building additive utilities for multi-group hierarchical discrimination: the M.H.Dis method
The discrimination problem is of major interest in fields such as environmental management, human resources management, production management, finance, marketing, medicine, etc.For decades thisExpand
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Supporting healthcare management decisions via robust clustering of event logs
A new spectral approach that emphasizes robustness is proposed for trace clustering. Expand
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Multicriteria Preference Disaggregation for Classification Problems with an Application to Global Investing Risk
Multigroup Hierarchical DIScrimination is used to assess investing risk in 51 countries, according to 27 criteria. Expand
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A Multicriteria Decision Aid Methodology for Sorting Decision Problems: The Case of Financial Distress
Sorting problems constitute a major part of real world decisions, where a set of alternative actions (solutions) must be classified into two or more predefined classes. Multicriteria decision aidExpand
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PREFDIS: a multicriteria decision support system for sorting decision problems
This paper presents the PREFDIS (PREFerence DIScrimination) multicriteria decision support system to study sorting decision problems. Expand
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Using client performance measures to identify pre-engagement factors associated with qualified audit reports in Greece
The purpose of this paper is to test the extent to which client (corporate) performance measures can be used to enhance the ability to discriminate between the choice of a qualified or unqualifiedExpand
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