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Leaf and root extracts of the invasive shrub, Lonicera maackii, inhibit seed germination of three herbs with no autotoxic effects
In addition to effects mediated by resource competition, some invasive plants may impact surrounding vegetation by secreting compounds that are directly inhibitory to growth. Lonicera maackii, anExpand
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FUTURES: Multilevel Simulations of Emerging Urban–Rural Landscape Structure Using a Stochastic Patch-Growing Algorithm
We present a multilevel modeling framework for simulating the emergence of landscape spatial structure in urbanizing regions using a combination of field-based and object-based representations ofExpand
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Insight, part of a Special Feature on Exploring Feedbacks in Coupled Human and Natural Systems (CHANS) A mixed-methods analysis of social-ecological feedbacks between urbanization and forest
We examined how social-ecological factors in the land-change decision-making process influenced neighboring decisions and trajectories of alternative landscape ecologies. We decomposed individualExpand
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Simulating urbanization scenarios reveals tradeoffs between conservation planning strategies
Abstract Land that is of great value for conservation can also be highly suitable for human use, resulting in competition between urban development and the protection of natural resources. To assessExpand
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Citizen science helps predict risk of emerging infectious disease
Engaging citizen scientists is becoming an increasingly popular technique for collecting large amounts of ecological data while also creating an avenue for outreach and public support for research.Expand
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Direct and Indirect Effects of Conditioned Soils and Tissue Extracts of the Invasive Shrub, Lonicera Maackii, on Target Plant Performance
ABSTRACT Lonicera maackii is an invasive Asian shrub naturalized in North America that has negative effects on forest understory vegetation. Aqueous extracts of leaves and roots of this plant haveExpand
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Conservation opportunities across the world's anthromes
Aim: Biologists increasingly recognize the roles of humans in ecosystems. Subsequently, many have argued that biodiversity conservation must be extended to environments that humans have shapedExpand
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Quantifying the visual-sensory landscape qualities that contribute to cultural ecosystem services using social media and LiDAR
Landscapes are increasingly recognized for providing valuable cultural ecosystem services with numerous non-material benefits by serving as places of rest, relaxation, and inspiration that ultimatelyExpand
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Clearance of yttrium-90-labelled anti-tumour antibodies with antibodies raised against the 12N4 DOTA macrocycle.
Radioimmunotherapy (RIT) is currently limited by toxicity to normal tissues as a result of prolonged circulating radioantibody in the blood. In this study, the use of a clearing antibody wasExpand
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