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Effects of grain and oilseed prices on the costs of US poultry production
Abstract In 2002, the US government encouraged the production of ethanol and other biofuels through a combination of tax benefits and direct subsidies. Most of the ethanol produced in the UnitedExpand
A critical analysis of paddlewheel-driven raceway ponds for algal biofuel production at commercial scales
Microalgae have been promoted as the next frontier of green biotechnology and gained widespread attention as desirable feedstocks for biofuels. Using conservative assumptions for microalgal growthExpand
Density functional theory predictions of adsorption isotherms with hysteresis loops
Abstract Adsorption equilibrium is calculated for slit-like pores of various sizes using lattice density functional theory (LDFT). It is shown that LDFT can predict adsorption isotherms withExpand
Classification of Gibbs adsorption isotherms
Abstract The current IUPAC classification of gas–solid adsorption isotherms has two deficiencies: it is incomplete and it gives the incorrect impression that adsorption isotherms are alwaysExpand
A simple equation of state for non-spherical and associating molecules
A simple semiempirical model is presented that gives an accurate representation of the thermodynamic properties for hydrogen bonding and nonspherical molecules. The model is shown to provide a goodExpand
Local composition model for chainlike molecules: A new simplified version of the perturbed hard chain theory
A simple analytical equation for chainlike molecules interacting with square-well potential is derived by replacing the complicated attractive term in the perturbed hard chain theory (PHCT) of Beret,Expand
Adsorption of Supercritical Fluids
Adsorption isotherms for supercritical fluids are calculated using lattice theory. Results are compared with experimental data for methane on graphon and for carbon dioxide on coal. It is shown thatExpand
Recent Advances in Modeling Thermodynamic Properties of Aqueous Strong Electrolyte Systems
Understanding the thermodynamic properties of aqueous strong electrolyte systems is essential for design and simulation of a wide variety of important chemical processes including wastewaterExpand
Toward a “grand unifying theory” of leadership: Implications for consulting psychology.
A succinct overview of some of the major research approaches to the study of leadership is provided as a foundation for the introduction of a multicomponent model of leadership that draws on thoseExpand
Bubble nucleation mechanisms of liquid droplets superheated in other liquids
Abstract An investigation was made into the mechanism of nucleating a vapor bubble at a liquid—liquid interface. Depending on the magnitudes of the surface tensions of both liquids and of theExpand