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Multidisciplinary perspectives on banana (Musa spp.) domestication
Original multidisciplinary research hereby clarifies the complex geodomestication pathways that generated the vast range of banana cultivars (cvs). Genetic analyses identify the wild ancestors ofExpand
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Ancient voyaging and Polynesian origins.
The "Polynesian motif" defines a lineage of human mtDNA that is restricted to Austronesian-speaking populations and is almost fixed in Polynesians. It is widely thought to support a rapid dispersalExpand
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Effects of grain and oilseed prices on the costs of US poultry production
Abstract In 2002, the US government encouraged the production of ethanol and other biofuels through a combination of tax benefits and direct subsidies. Most of the ethanol produced in the UnitedExpand
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Farming and Language in Island Southeast Asia
Current portrayals of Island Southeast Asia (ISEA) over the past 5,000 years are dominated by discussion of the Austronesian “farming/language dispersal,” with associated linguistic replacement,Expand
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A grammar of Tukang Besi
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Tone Systems in New Guinea
After a short survey of cxisting classificatory Scheines for tonal languages, tonal Information from representative langnages in the New Guinea area is examined, illustrating many ofthe complicatedExpand
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Yet More on the Position of the Languages of Eastern Indonesia and East Timor
The line dividing the Austronesian languages into Western Malayo-Polynesian (WMP) and Central-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian (CEMP) is drawn east of Sulawesi and through the middle of Sumbawa. A number ofExpand
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Typological feature analysis models linguistic geography
Dunn and colleagues (2008) describe and exemplify the use of sophisticated analyses of abstract structural features to reconstruct language histories. The techniques that they use do show someExpand
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Semantic alignment systems: what's what, and what's not
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New methodologies for historical linguistics?: Calibrating a lexicon-based methodology for diffusion vs. subgrouping
Analysis of lexical cognate classes for a basic wordlist can reproduce linguistic subgroups within the Austronesian family (Gray et al. 2009). Expand
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