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Short- and long-term effects of eutrophication on the secondary production of an intertidal macrobenthic community
Secondary production of a macrobenthic community at an intertidal mudflat was estimated for 33 successive months. Sampling was carried out along a eutrophication gradient, including non-eutrophiedExpand
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Secondary production as a tool for better understanding of aquatic ecosystems
A major challenge for ecologists is understanding ecosystem dynamics and function under environmental and anthropogenic stresses. An approach for addressing this challenge is the analysis of theExpand
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Anthropogenic and natural disturbance effects on a macrobenthic estuarine community over a 10-year period.
For some decades, the Mondego estuary has been under severe ecological stress, mainly caused by eutrophication. The most visible effect was the occurrence of macroalgal blooms and the concomitantExpand
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Distribution of Corbicula fluminea (Müller, 1774) in the invaded range: a geographic approach with notes on species traits variability
Corbicula fluminea is considered one of the most important non-native invasive species (NIS) in aquatic systems mainly due to its widespread distribution and ecological and economic impacts. ThisExpand
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Annual production of estuarine fauna in different environmental conditions : An evaluation of the estimation methods
Abstract Secondary production is one of the most comprehensive measurements of ecosystem health. Production of five estuarine species, with different life history and abundance in the ecosystem, wasExpand
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Long-term changes in the production by estuarine macrobenthos affected by multiple stressors
Abstract The macrobenthic production of an estuarine system was evaluated over a 14-year study period in a seagrass bed and in a sandflat. Over this period, the estuary suffered severe eutrophicationExpand
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The influence of an extreme drought event in the fish community of a southern Europe temperate estuary
Between 2003 and 2006, a severe drought occurred throughout the Mondego River catchment’s area, inducing lower freshwater flows into the estuary. As a consequence, both 2004 and 2005 were consideredExpand
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Multi-year comparisons of fish recruitment, growth and production in two drought-affected Iberian estuaries
Climate extremes, such as drought and floods, are increasing and should be considered in ecosystem management plans. The effects of an extreme drought were studied in two estuaries of the IberianExpand
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Feeding patterns of the dominant benthic and demersal fish community in a temperate estuary
The diet and feeding relationships of the 12 most abundant benthic and demersal fish species of the Mondego Estuary, Portugal, were studied between June 2003 and May 2006. Fishes were caught duringExpand
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Drivers of estuarine benthic species distribution patterns following a restoration of a seagrass bed: a functional trait analyses.
We integrate information on functional diversity (FD) patterns from estuarine intertidal benthic communities from different habitats and along a temporal disturbance gradient, to understand theExpand
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