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The Theory of Polymer Dynamics
Introduction Static properties of polymers Brownian motion Dynamics of flexible polymers in dilute solution Many chain systems Dynamics of a polymer in a fixed network Molecular theory for the
Molecular dynamics and rheological properties of concentrated solutions of rodlike polymers in isotropic and liquid crystalline phases
  • M. Doi
  • Materials Science
  • 1 February 1981
A molecular theory is presented for the dynamics of rodlike polymers in concentrated solutions. The theory describes the rotational motion of rods in both the isotropic phase and the liquid
Introduction to Polymer Physics
Dynamics and rheology of complex interfaces. I
When a concentrated mixture of two immiscible fluid is sheared, a rather complex interface is formed due to the coagulation, rupture, and deformation of droplets. The dynamics and rheological
Stochastic theory of diffusion-controlled reaction
  • M. Doi
  • Mathematics
  • 1 September 1976
A stochastic theory of a diffusion-controlled reaction is developed with the emphasis on the many-body aspects which rigorous stochastic theories inevitably encounter. The field operator method
Constitutive Equation for Nematic Liquid Crystals under Weak Velocity Gradient Derived from a Molecular Kinetic Equation
Constitutive equation for the nematic liquid crystals under weak velocity gradient is derived from the kinetic equation presented by Doi. The constitutive equation is consistent with the
Dynamics of concentrated polymer systems. Part 1.—Brownian motion in the equilibrium state
In this series of papers, the dynamics of polymers in melts and concentrated solutions are discussed with the eventual aim of constructing the rheological constitutive equation. The basic ideas are
Soft Matter Physics
Dynamics of concentrated polymer systems. Part 4.—Rheological properties
The constitutive equation for polymer melts and concentrated solutions derived in the previous papers is applied to two typical rheometrical flows: steady and transient shear flow, oscillatory shear
Dynamics of concentrated polymer systems. Part 2.—Molecular motion under flow
The primitive chain model presented in Part 1 is extended to the case in which the system is macroscopically deformed. The molecular expression of the stress due to the primitive chain is given, and