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Suite2p: beyond 10,000 neurons with standard two-photon microscopy
The combination of two-photon microscopy recordings and powerful calcium-dependent fluorescent sensors enables simultaneous recording of unprecedentedly large populations of neurons. While theseExpand
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Vision and Locomotion Shape the Interactions between Neuron Types in Mouse Visual Cortex
Summary Cortical computation arises from the interaction of multiple neuronal types, including pyramidal (Pyr) cells and interneurons expressing Sst, Vip, or Pvalb. To study the circuit underlyingExpand
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Suite 2 p : beyond 10 , 000 neurons with standard two-photon microscopy
Two-photon microscopy of calcium-dependent sensors has enabled unprecedented recordings from vast populations of neurons. While the sensors and microscopes have matured over several generations ofExpand
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Flexible frequency control of cortical oscillations enables computations required for working memory
  • M. Dipoppa, B. Gutkin
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  • 15 July 2013
Cognitive effort leads to a seeming cacophony of brain oscillations. For example, during tasks engaging working memory (WM), specific oscillatory frequency bands modulate in space and time. DespiteExpand
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Controlling Working Memory Operations by Selective Gating: The Roles of Oscillations and Synchrony
Working memory (WM) is a primary cognitive function that corresponds to the ability to update, stably maintain, and manipulate short-term memory (ST M) rapidly to perform ongoing cognitive tasks. AExpand
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Vision and locomotion shape the interactions between neuron types in mouse visual cortex
Locomotion profoundly changes sensory responses in mouse primary visual cortex. These changes are thought to arise from a disinhibitory circuit, whereby interneurons expressing vasoactive intestinalExpand
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Correlations in background activity control persistent state stability and allow execution of working memory tasks
Working memory (WM) requires selective information gating, active information maintenance, and rapid active updating. Hence performing a WM task needs rapid and controlled transitions between neuralExpand
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Electron-hole interaction in carbon nanotubes: novel screening and exciton excitation spectra.
The optical response of single-walled carbon nanotubes is dominated by exciton states with unusually large binding energies. We show that screening in semiconducting tubes enhances rather thanExpand
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Splay States in Finite Pulse-Coupled Networks of Excitable Neurons
The emergence and stability of splay states is studied in fully coupled finite networks of $N$ excitable quadratic integrate-and-fire neurons, connected via synapses modeled as pulses of finiteExpand
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