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The Liberal Way of War: Killing to Make Life Live
1. Introduction: From Liberal Conscience to Liberal Rule Part 1 2. From the Liberal Subject to the Biohuman 3. War in the Age of Biohumanity 4. Informationalising Life Part 2 5. Global Triage: ThreatExpand
Governing Terror: The State of Emergency of Biopolitical Emergence
This paper argues that western security practices are as biopolitical as they are geopolitical. Explaining that biopolitical security practices revolve around “life” as species existence, the paperExpand
The City in Late Imperial China.
Global Liberal Governance: Biopolitics, Security and War
Intimately allied with the globalisation of capital, but not entirely to be conflated with it, has emerged a new and diverse ensemble of power known as global liberal governance. This term of artExpand
Politics of Security: Towards a Political Phiosophy of Continental Thought
In this critique of security studies, with insights into the thinking of Heidegger, Foucault, Derrida, Levinas and Arendt, Michael Dillon contributes to the rethinking of some of the fundamentals ofExpand
Biopolitics of security in the 21st century: an introduction
Abstract This essay addresses two questions. It first asks what happens to security practices when they take species life as their referent object. It then asks what happens to security practicesExpand
Governing through contingency: The security of biopolitical governance☆
A fortiori, so with his lectures. Foucault was always a provocateur. His task was to reformulate the questions we habitually pose and the analytical perspectives we traditionally bring to bear on ourExpand
Contemporary China - An Introduction
Part 1: Introduction 1. Land and People 2. China's Past in the Present Part 2: The Economy 3. Economic Growth and the Changing Economy 4. Rural Economy 5. Urban and Industrial Economy 6. Banking,Expand
China's Muslim Hui Community: Migration, Settlement and Sects
This is a reconstruction of the history of the Muslim community in China known today as the Hui or often as the Chinese Muslims as distinct from the Turkic Muslims such as the Uyghurs. It tracesExpand
Foucault on Politics, Security and War
Introduction M.Dillon& A.W.Neal PART I: SITUATING FOUCAULT Strategies for Waging Peace: Foucault as Collaborateur S.Elden PART II: POLITICS, SOVEREIGNTY, VIOLENCE Goodbye War on Terror? Foucault andExpand