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CasADi: a software framework for nonlinear optimization and optimal control
This article gives an up-to-date and accessible introduction to the CasADi framework, which has undergone numerous design improvements over the last 7 years.
ACADO toolkit—An open‐source framework for automatic control and dynamic optimization
The user‐friendly syntax of the ACADO Toolkit to set up optimization problems is illustrated with two tutorial examples: an optimal control and a parameter estimation problem.
A Lyapunov Function for Economic Optimizing Model Predictive Control
For a class of nonlinear systems and economic stage costs, this technical note constructs a suitable Lyapunov function, and the optimal steady-state solution of the economic stage cost is an asymptotically stable Solution of the closed-loop system under economic MPC.
Time-Optimal Path Tracking for Robots: A Convex Optimization Approach
A direct transcription method is presented that reduces finding the globally optimal trajectory to solving a second-order cone program using robust numerical algorithms that are freely available.
qpOASES: a parametric active-set algorithm for quadratic programming
The open-source C++ software package qpOASES is described, which implements a parametric active-set method in a reliable and efficient way and can be used to compute critical points of nonconvex QP problems.
Online Walking Motion Generation with Automatic Footstep Placement
The capacity of model predictive control to generate stable walking motions without the use of predefined footsteps is demonstrated and an online walking motion generator that can track a given reference speed of the robot and decide automatically the footstep placement is proposed.
Efficient Numerical Methods for Nonlinear MPC and Moving Horizon Estimation
This overview paper reviews numerical methods for solution of optimal control problems in real-time, as they arise in nonlinear model predictive control (NMPC) as well as in moving horizon estimation
A Real-Time Iteration Scheme for Nonlinear Optimization in Optimal Feedback Control
The robustness and excellent real-time performance of the method is demonstrated in a numerical experiment, the control of an unstable system, namely, an airborne kite that shall fly loops.
Fast Direct Multiple Shooting Algorithms for Optimal Robot Control
In this overview paper, we first survey numerical approaches to solve nonlinear optimal control problems, and second, we present our most recent algorithmic developments for real-time optimization in