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‘It's raining stones’: stigma, violence and HIV vulnerability among men who have sex with men in Dakar, Senegal
Research in many countries has highlighted the vulnerability of men who have sex with men to HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Yet in Africa, such men have received littleExpand
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New Insights into the Evolution of Wolbachia Infections in Filarial Nematodes Inferred from a Large Range of Screened Species
Background Wolbachia are intriguing symbiotic endobacteria with a peculiar host range that includes arthropods and a single nematode family, the Onchocercidae encompassing agents of filariases. ThisExpand
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Use of Reverse Transcriptase PCR in Early Diagnosis of Rift Valley Fever
ABSTRACT Reverse transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR) for diagnosis of Rift Valley fever (RVF) was evaluated by using 293 human and animal sera sampled during an RVF outbreak in Mauritania in 1998. Results ofExpand
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Isoenzymatic diagnosis of Litomosoides galizai and Litomosoides sigmodontis
The morphological diagnosis of the two species, Litomosoides sigmodontis Chandler, 1931 and L. galizai Bain, Petit et Diagne, 1989 is confirmed by the isoenzymatic analysis. In L. galizai, theExpand
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Integrated array of 2-μm antimonide-based single-photon counting devices.
A 32x32 Sb-based Geiger-mode (GM) avalanche photodiode array, operating at 2 μm with three-dimensional imaging capability, is presented. The array is interfaced with a ROIC (readout integratedExpand
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Targeting vulnerable groups in national HIV/AIDS programs : the case of men who have sex with men
The predominant mode of HIV/AIDS transmission in Sub-Saharan Africa is through heterosexual contact. Epidemiological data is largely lacking on the transmission of HIV in Africa among men having sexExpand
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Petrography and Mineralogy of the Eocene Phosphate Deposit of Tobène (Taïba, Senegal)
The Tobene deposit forms, with those of NdomorDiop and KeurMor Fall, the large phosphate deposit of Taïba. The Tobene site has been the subject of lithostratigraphic, biostratigraphic, mineralogical,Expand
Biostratigraphic and Palaeoenvironmental Study of the Tobène Phosphatic Series ( Western Senegal )
The geological section of the phosphate quarry of Tobène associated with the boreholes of prospecting, carried out by miners, confirms the Tobène’s lithostratigraphic and biostratigraphic settings. AExpand
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Numerical Modeling of “Soil-Mixing” Columns used for Railway Subgrade Reinforcement
In order to reduce the life cycle cost of railway infrastructure, the French National Railway company (SNCF) and SOLETANCHE BACHY have investigated the potential benefits from the groundExpand
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