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LZF1/SALT TOLERANCE HOMOLOG3, an Arabidopsis B-Box Protein Involved in Light-Dependent Development and Gene Expression, Undergoes COP1-Mediated Ubiquitination[W]
STH3 is identified as a positive regulator of photomorphogenesis acting in concert with STH2 and HY5, while also being a target of COP1-mediated ubiquitination.
LZF 1 / SALT TOLERANCE HOMOLOG 3 , an Arabidopsis BBox Protein Involved in Light-Dependent Development and Gene Expression , Undergoes COP 1-Mediated Ubiquitination
This paper aims to demonstrate the efforts towards in-situ applicability of EMMARM, as to provide real-time information about the phytochemical properties of E.coli and its importance in the response to climate change.
Two inositol hexakisphosphate kinases drive inositol pyrophosphate synthesis in plants.
It is reported that Arabidopsis and maize InsP6 transporter mutants have elevated levels of inositol pyrophosphates in their seed, providing unequivocal identification of their presence in plant tissues and it is shown that plant seeds store a little over 1% of their inositl phosphate pool as InsP7 and InsP8.
Light Induces Peroxisome Proliferation in Arabidopsis Seedlings through the Photoreceptor Phytochrome A, the Transcription Factor HY5 HOMOLOG, and the Peroxisomal Protein PEROXIN11b1[C][W][OA]
It is demonstrated that the phyA and hyh mutants exhibit reduced peroxisome abundance, a phenotype that can be rescued by overexpressing PEX11b in these plants, and it is concluded that HYH and P EX11b constitute a novel branch of thephyA-mediated light signaling cascade, which promotes peroxISome proliferation during seedling photomorphogenesis.
Light control of peroxisome proliferation during Arabidopsis photomorphogenesis
It is concluded that during photomorphogenesis, both the import of leaf-peroxisome enzymes from the cytosol and the induction of peroxisomes proliferation take place to prepare seedlings for photosynthesis and photorespiration.
Arabidopsis Forkhead-Associated Domain Protein 3 negatively regulates peroxisome division.
A nuclear pull-down experiment identified Arabidopsis Forkhead-Associated Domain Protein 3 (FHA3) as a novel protein that binds to the promoter of PEX11b and supported the conclusion that, in contrast to the previously identified HY5 HOMOLOG (HYH) protein, FHA3 is a negative regulator of P EX11b expression and peroxisome division.
Ectopic Expression of the RING Domain of the Arabidopsis PEROXIN2 Protein Partially Suppresses the Phenotype of the Photomorphogenic Mutant De-Etiolated1
The Arabidopsis CONSTITUTIVE PHOTOMORPHOGENIC/DE-ETIOLATED 1/FUSCA (COP/DET1/FUS) proteins repress photomorphogenesis by degrading positive regulators of photomorphogenesis, such as the transcription