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Spatially-correlated microthermography maps threshold temperature in laser-induced damage
We measured threshold temperatures for cell death resulting from short (0.1 – 1.0 s) 514-nm laser exposures using an in vitro retinal model. Real-time thermal imaging at sub-cellular resolutionExpand
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In vitro model that approximates retinal damage threshold trends.
Without effective in vitro damage models, advances in our understanding of the physics and biology of laser-tissue interaction would be hampered due to cost and ethical limitations placed on the useExpand
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Mathematical model that describes the transition from thermal to photochemical damage in retinal pigment epithelial cell culture.
We propose a rate process model for describing photochemical damage to retinal cells by short wavelength laser exposures. The rate equation for photochemical damage contains a positive rate that isExpand
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Determination of threshold average temperature for cell death in an in vitro retinal model using thermography
Even though laser exposures of 1 s or less are non-isothermal events, researchers have had to rely upon the isothermal treatise of Arrhenius to describe the laser damage rate processes. To fullyExpand
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Thermal evaluation of laser exposures in an in vitro retinal model by microthermal sensing
Abstract. A temperature detection system using a micropipette thermocouple sensor was developed for use within mammalian cells during laser exposure with an 8.6-μm beam at 532 nm. We haveExpand
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Stimulated Raman photoacoustic imaging
Achieving label-free, molecular-specific imaging with high spatial resolution in deep tissue is often considered the grand challenge of optical imaging. To accomplish this goal, significant opticalExpand
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Assessment of tissue heating under tunable near-infrared radiation
Abstract. The time-temperature effects of laser radiation exposure are investigated as a function of wavelength. Here, we report the thermal response of bulk tissue as a function of wavelength fromExpand
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Stimulated Raman scattering: old physics, new applications
Stimulated Raman scattering is a promising way of expanding the tunability of ultrafast lasers and is an exciting new biomedical imaging modality capable of selective excitation andExpand
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Damage Thresholds for Exposure to NIR and Blue Lasers in an In Vitro RPE Cell System.
PURPOSE Until reliable nonanimal systems of analysis are available, animal models will be necessary for ocular laser hazard analysis and for evaluating clinical applications. The purpose of this workExpand
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Monitoring stimulated Raman scattering with photoacoustic detection.
A capability of high-frequency ultrasound detection to monitor the process of energy deposition into a molecular system via Raman excitation is experimentally demonstrated. It is shown that theExpand
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