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Uranyl Peroxide Cage Cluster Solubility in Water and the Role of the Electrical Double Layer.
Uranium concentrations as high as 2.94 × 105 parts per million (1.82 mol of U/1 kg of H2O) occur in water containing nanoscale uranyl cage clusters. The anionic cage clusters, with diameters ofExpand
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Time-Resolved X-ray Scattering and Raman Spectroscopic Studies of Formation of a Uranium-Vanadium-Phosphorus-Peroxide Cage Cluster.
Combining reactants in water under ambient conditions results in the assembly and crystallization of 2.6 nm diameter cage clusters designated U48V6P48 within 3 weeks. These consist of 24 uranylExpand
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Solution (31)P NMR Study of the Acid-Catalyzed Formation of a Highly Charged {U24Pp12} Nanocluster, [(UO2)24(O2)24(P2O7)12](48-), and Its Structural Characterization in the Solid State Using
The first neutron diffraction study of a single crystal containing uranyl peroxide nanoclusters is reported for pyrophosphate-functionalized Na44K6[(UO2)24(O2)24(P2O7)12][IO3]2·140H2O (1). RelativeExpand
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Computationally-Guided Assignment of Unexpected Signals in the Raman Spectra of Uranyl Triperoxide Complexes.
Combination of uranium, peroxide, and mono- (Na, K) or divalent (Mg, Ca, Sr) cations under alkaline aqueous conditions results in the rapid formation of anionic uranyl triperoxide monomers (UTs),Expand
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Single-Crystal Time-of-Flight Neutron Diffraction and Magic-Angle-Spinning NMR Spectroscopy Resolve the Structure and 1H and 7Li Dynamics of the Uranyl Peroxide Nanocluster U60.
Single-crystal time-of-flight neutron diffraction has provided atomic resolution of H atoms of H2O molecules and hydroxyl groups, as well as Li cations in the uranyl peroxide nanocluster U60.Expand
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The Propensity of Uranium-Peroxide Systems to Preserve Nanosized Assemblies.
Understanding the stability fields and decomposition products of various metal- and actinide-oxide nanoclusters is essential for their development into useful materials for industrial processes.Expand
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Sulfate-Centered Sodium-Icosahedron-Templated Uranyl Peroxide Phosphate Cages with Uranyl Bridged by μ-η1:η2 Peroxide.
Two novel hybrid uranyl peroxide phosphate cage clusters, designated U20P6 and U20P12, contain peroxide bridges between uranyl in an unusual μ-η1:η2 configuration, as well as the common μ-η2:η2Expand
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Hierarchy of Pyrophosphate-Functionalized Uranyl Peroxide Nanocluster Synthesis.
Herein, we report a new salt of a pyrophosphate-functionalized uranyl peroxide nanocluster {U24Pp12} (1) exhibiting Oh molecular symmetry both in the solid and solution. Study of the system yieldingExpand
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Complexity of Uranyl Peroxide Cluster Speciation from Alkali-Directed Oxidative Dissolution of Uranium Dioxide.
Solid UO2 dissolution and uranium speciation in aqueous solutions that promote formation of uranyl peroxide macroanions was examined, with a focus on the role of alkali metals. UO2 powders wereExpand
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