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Ancient DNA from an Early Neolithic Iberian population supports a pioneer colonization by first farmers
The Neolithic transition has been widely debated particularly regarding the extent to which this revolution implied a demographic expansion from the Near East. We attempted to shed some light on thisExpand
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Novel perspectives in wood certification and forensics: dry wood as a source of DNA
The importance of wood for human societies can hardly be understated. If dry wood were amenable to molecular genetic investigations, this could lead to major applications in wood forensics,Expand
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Checking the geographical origin of oak wood: molecular and statistical tools
New methods for better identification of timber geographical origin would constitute an important technical element in the forest industry, for phytosanitary certification procedures or in the chainExpand
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News from the west: ancient DNA from a French megalithic burial chamber.
Recent paleogenetic studies have confirmed that the spread of the Neolithic across Europe was neither genetically nor geographically uniform. To extend existing knowledge of the mitochondrialExpand
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DNA-based control of oak wood geographic origin in the context of the cooperage industry
Controle de l'origine geographique des bois de chene utilises en tonnellerie. L'importation croissante de bois de chene et le manque de garantie sur son origine, lies a l'expansion recente de laExpand
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Where are the Caribs? Ancient DNA from ceramic period human remains in the Lesser Antilles
The identity and history of the indigenous groups who occupied the Lesser Antilles during the ceramic periods remain highly controversial. Although recent archaeological evidence has challengedExpand
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Multi-scale ancient DNA analyses confirm the western origin of Michelsberg farmers and document probable practices of human sacrifice
In Europe, the Middle Neolithic is characterized by an important diversification of cultures. In northeastern France, the appearance of the Michelsberg culture has been correlated with major culturalExpand
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Use of chloroplast microsatellites to differentiate oak populations
The possibility to use chloroplast microsatellites (cpSSRs) instead of restriction analysis of PCR-amplified DNA fragments to differentiate oak populations was tested in two economically importantExpand
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Analysis of ancient human DNA and primer contamination: one step backward one step forward.
The analysis of DNA from archaeological human remains is plagued by a unique set of methodological problems concerning contamination with modern exogenous DNA. Through an original approach, weExpand
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Ancient mitochondrial DNA from the middle neolithic necropolis of Obernai extends the genetic influence of the LBK to west of the Rhine.
OBJECTIVES The arrival of Neolithic farmers in Europe was the source of major cultural and genetic transitions. Neolithic settlers brought a new set of maternal lineages (mitochondrial DNA), recentlyExpand
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