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RObust Header Compression (ROHC): Framework and four profiles: RTP, UDP, ESP, and uncompressed
A highly robust and efficient header compression scheme for RTP/UDP/IP, UDP/IP and ESP/IP headers is specified in this document, done in a framework designed to be extensible.
Small forwarding tables for fast routing lookups
A forwarding table data structure designed for quick routing lookups, small enough to fit in the cache of a conventional general purpose processor and feasible to do a full routing lookup for each IP packet at gigabit speeds without special hardware.
Scenario-based performance analysis of routing protocols for mobile ad-hoc networks
This study is a comparison of three routing protocols proposed for wireless mobile ad-hoc networks, and in most simulations the reactive protocols (AODV and DSR) performed significantly better than DSDV.
UDP lite for real time multimedia applications
We introduce UDF Lite - a lightweight version of UDP with increased flexibility in the form of a partial checksum. It allows senders to specify packets as partially insensitive to errors. The cover
The Lightweight User Datagram Protocol (UDP-Lite)
This document describes the Lightweight User Datagram Protocol (UDP- Lite), which can also serve applications in error-prone network environments that prefer to have partially damaged payloads delivered rather than discarded.
IP Header Compression
This document describes how to compress multiple IP headers and TCP and UDP headers per hop over point to point links. The methods can be applied to of IPv6 base and extension headers, IPv4 headers,
Efficient use of wireless bandwidth for multimedia applications
This work presents a new protocol, UDP Lite, that provides the kind of protection often needed by these real time applications especially when they are run over wireless networks, and shows how UDP Lite uses a wireless network more efficiently for two different scenarios.
The UDP-Lite Protocol
Toxic trace element pollutants present in the raw product gas and raw flue gas streams produced during the gasification of coal or similar carbonaceous solids containing sulfur and such trace
Evaluation of CRTP performance over cellular radio links
It is found that CRTP does not perform adequately over links built on cellular radio access technology, and it is suggested that a more robust header compression scheme must be developed to make IP telephony over cellular economically viable.
Low-loss TCP/IP header compression for wireless networks
New header compression schemes for UDP/IP and TCP/IP protocols are provided, including one that works over simplex links, lossy links, multi‐access links, and supports multicast communication.